My favourite aquarium project!


Arguably one of my favourite aquarium projects to do! The drip system. Water changes are time consuming. I want that time back to simply enjoy my fish. Here is how I do it!

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  1. You make everything look so easy..
    Btw I am wondering if you are ever able to go on holiday.. and if yes, if you have someone to take care about everything, can you sleep at night while you're gone?

  2. thanks for great video, may i ask a question, how do you take care the solid waste at bottom of the tank. i had watched all your video, but dont see you mention about that, thanks you very much.

  3. I don't sit on a welll so it's difficult for me my aquariums are all in my living room and I don't know how to even try to tap into my water line please in the future show how you can do this

  4. HI Joey I'm planning on building a breeding tank rack with about 10-15 separate breeding compartments and I'm trying to work out how to do that in an as low maintenance possible and I'm really interested in the drip system as doing a water change will be a massive job in order to keep water health.

  5. I had a flourite gravel in my planted tank, and for the 2-3 years it was set up, I never vacuumed it, it was heavily planted though. If I ever set up my own business, this seems like the most conviennent way to have a huge tank, I was planning to have a tank of a few hundred gallons with a few pairs of peaceful small cichlids, a shoal of Amazon puffers and a few small shoals of catfish and tetra all from the Amazon but hugely understocked with a lot of large swords

  6. i need your help. l got my first arowana. he is 12 inches. the thing is from the day i brought him and put him in to his new tank he didn't eat a thing. i tried so many things. but nothing for 4 days. what to do???
    plz help

  7. Hey,
    I have a 2045 gallon tank which used to house marine fish, now, as I am unable to give much time to the tank, I have switched to freshwater . I have popped in a couple of pair of discuss. I have found that one pair has laid eggs on one side of the tank. Should I remove the other pair from the tank? Or should I move the pair with the fries to a smaller tank because the fries may get separated from their parents in a tank of that size ? If yes, How will I know which pair has laid eggs?

  8. I love this Idea… I actually have all the drip tank equipment, I don't breed fish right now but I do have some large comet goldfish pets … My rethink setting this up again

  9. Great video, however this would be difficult to implement in a saltwater tank. You
    would have to chose between an ATO or a drip system. You cant have both without constantly monitoring your salinity with an aquarium controller. Even with an aquarium controller you would get a descent amount of salinity swings due to the hysteresis of the salinity probe and controller due to the drip system and an ATO installed. Granted all other parameters would be stable if the water supply was prepared properly (RODI mixed with reef salt) but salinity would be an issue to maintain. Joey, would you happen to have any ideas on how to overcome such an issue in saltwater? Would be interesting to see this project onyour upcoming saltwater aquarium build.

  10. I wonder if you have a greywater system, since you obviously change a lot of water from your aquariums? Fresh water with some nitrates could be great to water a garden actually…



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