my EASY planted aquarium has PROBLEMS

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  1. Is there a follow up video to this ? Also looks great Joey but how do you syphon all the fish poop without sucking the plants up or disturbing the cycle ?

  2. Is there a video of him actually added the logs in the center of this tank? Have always been curious about this tank, but don't remember it ever being built?

  3. It will grow even better with shrimp and ottos in there and they will get the new algae growth as well Beautiful tank and I love the log/tree idea and will be doing it for my next tank

  4. Do you have a glass top on the planted tank? The reason that I am asking is that I thought that it blocks all UV and the plants need that. I am building a tank for a turtle with live plants and dont want to stunt the growth of either the plants or turtle

  5. Great lesson, Joey! Tanks don't always do exactly what we want them to, and making a very candid video about your stumbling blocks helps us all out when we have these problems, too. I also liked how you explained your Co2 setup. I think a lot of people (myself included) are afraid to get into Co2 because it's either too complicated or they aren't sure how to use it properly. Co2 can also be disastrous should too much be added, or not consistently regulated, so there's that factor as well. Personally, I think your carpet is looking fantastic for being set up for such a short time, definitely makes me feel better about how to make my own carpet in a tall tank! That algae on the wood decor also looked amazing, like a forest with moss. Hopefully when all is settled down, that look can come back a little 🙂

  6. Love your channel! So informative and entertaining. My bf and I are getting into the hobby and were currently binge watching all your videos lol.


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