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  1. I LOVE this video, but would like more info on the natural decor you've set up in that discus tank, as well as the water conditions you set up for them… And do you ever mix angels with them? Thanks again for your vids – I just set up one of your wet dry filters this weekend!

  2. I know you get 1000000 comments every day but would you please tell me what kind of wood and rocks you're using in the angelfish tank in this video? I want to replicate this into my discus tank… It's just so beautiful and natural and calming. Thank you <3

  3. Well been away from fishkeeping for a while but after seeing that angel tank it's made me want my own set up again even the wives on board were torn on discus or angels altho I'm more for the angels now to be fair great content its a joy to come back to your channel and see all your hard work is paying off

  4. The green of the anubias doesn't look bad, nor does a floating plant. How about something like Water Lettuce who's spooky fun Roots could hang down, offering more cover for fish, more shade, more absorption of water nastiness when you're out of town?

  5. Don't kno if you still check your comments but I love your channel. Came across it accidentally last week lol but I've been watching your videos ever sense. And I was actually thinking about getting my own fish to take care of. Just wondering what u think would be a good starter fish. And I don't mean goldfish lol.

  6. let me get this right, you say you don't plan on doing any breeding but to us professionals like me. I'm watching this and seeing this tank… It is specifically set up for breeding especially with all your vertical poles in the tank are you kidding? Come on Fish Guy.


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