Today we talk about what my biggest regret in the aquarium gallery has been. Probably not what you were thinking but certainly will make sense once you hear it!

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  1. I'm a long time fan, and I'm just wondering if you ever plan on letting us just watch the fish again like you did in a few videos a long time ago.

  2. I do it the same way i set up a tank just for what im going to put in it and i have fun doing the set ups . Have fun and dont worry what you think we want to see and do things you always wanted to try

  3. agree with that.. it's not a "hobby" anymore.. you're just collecting fish and show it on video and changing their artificial habitat all the time.. Being a fish hobbyist means giving better life to our fish and making them create life itself by means of breeding.

  4. Totally agree. You gotta go with the option that keeps you engaged.

    Agree 100% with the rack system too. I believe I even said so when you originally posted that video… although I might not have because I hate coming off sounding like a jerk face.

  5. err theres nothing Symetrical about that room… 1 cant be symetrical. the 1st tank, 1 light, 2nd tank 2 lights, 3rd tank 3 lights 4th tank 1 light etc… lol then 1 side of the room has individual tanks the other has 1 giant tank…. I DO GET what you mean but yeh not symmetry

  6. Fish keeping is a dynamic hobby, it will always change, it will never end or be finished. I have found that with my horses, 40 years and I've never completed the job, it is a, and I hate this, journey! Enjoy and embrace the change, the change of mind, the change of ideas, the change of learning new stuff. Good grief, we change furniture in our house, of course the hobbies (whatever they are) will take different directions, its not a failure it is a compliment to a thinking mind! Love ya work!

  7. Helping new fish keepers with spotting illnesses and sickness for quarantine is a good aspect to think about. What to look for and how you would treat them. I know a lot of new fish keepers struggle with knowing what to treat with or look for.

  8. 50 years and I have always had a mixed species tank (currently a 120g african cichlid, mbuna, peacocks and tropheous. Even in that tank I have Monos too. Only one time I kept a Geo by himself in a 20 gal in my bedroom when I was a kid.He was always digging up the gravel and entertaining me. I would flatten the scape just to challenge him…lol. Never forget to have fun Joey.


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