Is this my best aquarium? i dont think so, but i understand why those that have seen it love it!

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  1. This tank is phenomenal. I am new to this hobby, and have a question, does planted aquarium needs air pump? Hope to get a reply. Thanks, your videos are also informative and enjoyable.

  2. I know it sounds cliche but my first ever fish i had i won from a fun fair and it was a goldfish so obviously it died as i didnt know how to take care of it , but then i tried to keep different oranda goldfish properly but they died when i went to Paris on a school trip …
    Then the reason i got into professional fish keeping is because i tried 6 times to keep Triops shrimp from eggs , i even added a fast growing plant in their tiny tank .
    That tiny tank was nothing to me because the shrimp had short lives (long for them) and i wanted to keep bigger things so i kept guppies in my first 20 gallon , then when they died of old age i kept platies and swordtails , then when they died of old age i kept zebra danios+kuhli loaches +1 bristlenose pleco +many MT snails +4 assassin snails to eat the MT snails, i also have lots of floating plants on 1 side of the aquarium (amazon frogbit+duckweed) ,and anubius and java fern and a common stem plant that i forgot the name of , btw i only covered half of the aquarium with floating plants so that the other plants would get the light.

  3. Эээ Гаврила,а чего это осина у тебя в воде растёт))
    Ды бы ещё имитацию дуба сделал бы)))

  4. I stopped the video not even 1 second after he started shouting. He is still so full of himself. Can't continue, don't want to continue. Thumbs down for this guy.

  5. Awesome tank. I would like to know how to make these logs. Or what are they made of ? Looks like PVC wrapped in bark lol. I'd love to copy these. Thanks king

  6. Those are some really beautiful tanks and yes the highlighted tank is absolutely amazing. How do even keep it so clean? My tank only looks “ beautiful” after the weekly cleaning but only lasts 2-3 days., after that green algae takes over the glass … 😩

  7. @The king of DIY If you're having issues regarding color or balance in your videos theres this awesome little feature in most editing programs called a histogram. It shows you how intense the darks and whites are as well as the intensity of red green and blue on a graph. Hope this helps!

  8. a calm 4 sec long shot would help more to comprehend the aquariums than the constant running up and down an the wild camera swings.


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