My aquariums and why they are bare bottom

Today, we talk about why I keep bare bottom aquariums.

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  1. Great video! A bare bottom tank sounds very appealing due to maintenance. Everything in my aquarium is currently covered in brown algae. How will removing the decorations and the substrate affect the biofilter? I have a hob filter.

  2. What about the fish having no stimulation whatsoever, just swimming back and forth, wouldn't they like a smooth rock tunnel to explore? They won't get ripped up by that.

  3. Hey joey have you ever seen a 3D background on the floor of the aquarium. Because that’s what I’m getting ready to do. A thin universal rocks background on the floor and a rock wall on the back. What do you think?👍🏼👍🏼

  4. I agree that large tanks actually don't need to have a substrate since who likes to vacuum a large tank that you're unsure if you really clean the substrate because you can't see the detritus below. In smaller tanks I think it's much preferable since it's the opposite of what I've said.

  5. I just switched to a bear bottom. I have a 55 gal, tank and I can’t keep up with it. Everything was getting out of control. So I broke it down and started from scratch. Much easier to maintain now. The fish didn’t complain about it yet lol.

  6. What about beneficial bacteria? I've heard some keepers say that bare bottom tanks can have issues with water quality, because there are fewer surfaces available for nitryfying bacteria to grow on, and that having substrate greatly increases the amount of good bacteria in the tank. Is this true?

  7. So Im keeping smaller, MUCH smaller tanks then youself because Im not good at building, but Ive heard that nitrites/nitrates get higher in bare bottom tanks because there is more bacteria in substrated tank for the N cycle. Like you could probably go longer without water changes if you have substrate. Now Ive just got guppies/BN plecos breeding, and im curious to your thought.

  8. Yep totally agree many don't like a bare bottom tank but I'm going to trial 2 small aquariums with plants that will not need a substrate to see how it goes

  9. Nice Video. Very good insight. 😀
    As for me: I have the bottom of my 20 gallon tank painted (yes, on the outside), so that it doesn't "reflect" when the tank is filled with water – then I put a very thin layer of substrate.. so thin that you can see the bottom between the gravel stones. This makes the tank very easy to clean when compared to a thick layered gravel. And my little goldfish seem to like the gravel more as they like to dig and pick through it. ^_^

  10. can my medium size goldfish live healthy in a bare bottom 2ft tank ? a have a huge sponge filter and some plastic plants and an airstone blowing decent amount of bubbles

  11. I have sea sand in mine that I washed over 10 times looks like the sea but in my fry tenk nothing but two plants to hide in but love bear bottom tenks because you can see where all the dirt lies and clean it more effectively then with gravel it also scratches the glass

  12. Gravels play a very important role for the development of the beneficial bacteria colony in a fish tank which on long run does most of the job of cleaning/ detoxifying ammonia- nitrite . For bare bottom aquarium it's mostly depends on the fish keeper to do more frequent and regular water changes where as with a highly built beneficial bacteria colony with all those gravels the aquarium does most of the work itself.

  13. I have bare bottom aquariums. They are soooooooo much easier to maintain. I started out with black sand bottoms. They always housed extensive amounts of fish feces and extra food that would dissolve into the water leading to poor water quality. Since I switched to bare bottom tanks, it's been 100 times easier to maintain.

  14. I have a black piranha and was going to keep the bottom bare because easier to clean. Should I keep the whole tank empty tho? Like no plants, bog wood, decorations etc.

  15. One of my bettas isn't doing good in a divided tank chewing his fins to pieces, but did really well in my 2 gallon hospital tank. So we're going to try out a bare bottom tank to see if he improves.

  16. My red devil literally got into a severe depression when I removed the substrate. I had to put it back on in 2 days. He even stopped eating.

  17. I just put my betta in a ten gallon tank recently with a filter and heater. I made sure the filter is above the water enough to agitate the water like a waterfall so that the surface stays moving. The bottom of the tank is lightly strewn with glass beads of mixed colors so that the bottom of the glass tank shows through. I really like the look of it being like a mirror on the bottom peeking through gems. I find it mysterious actually. It was done by accident because of how they move easily around sliding on the bottom and because I just didn't have the right amount to cover the bottom completely. Then there's the decorative items because kids lol. Not a lot but we have a sunken ship, Spongebob himself and his home, a shark, and a diver looking at a treasure chest. I might take out a couple items though because even that's too much. He's real happy coming from a temporary three gallon I had him in and then finally into a ten gallon now with lots of stuff to look at. I'm so proud because I really wanted to do better by him. He's a pleasant fish and I appreciate his company in my home. It's the least I can do to give back lol.