My aquarium update: Freshwater stingray birth

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  1. Hi joey i planning to buy an 150 gallon tank and planning to too put a pair of freash water ray and 1 arrowana will you recommend for me or will you recommend me to get a bigger tank??? Pls reply cause you inspired me everyday

  2. Aww it’s amazing though the bond between u and your rays . You can definitely tell the female loves her daddy . You treat her like your her husband lmaoo

    Too damm cute !!!!

    Those polka dotted stingrays are so adorable !!!!!!!!

  3. That's really exciting. I learn alot through your effort. Maybe just seperate ng the male at this stage,would of been the old timers advice. Hard to really know without more research . Thinking that in nature the female would of been a further distance away and found a way to raise it, since th ey carry rather lay eggs.

  4. Hi joe.. I have 6 inch Motoro stingray currently in a 100 gallon tank. I have had him for about three months now. But he hasn't pooped for the past week. He is still eating but I'm not seeing any poop in the tank. Is that. Normal if not what do I do. I was thinking of soaking his food in an epsom salt solution what do you think??

  5. Sorry to get off topic, But is there a stingerless ray/non toxic fresh water variety? I have 5 tanks right now . green terrors , fancy guppies, Oscars, Koi/catfish pond and cherry shrimp orange rili shrimp and a assortment of crystals. But I do love the rays. Any info would be dearly loved. Thanks sincerely Kristin

  6. He listed many options for disposing of a dead fish / aquatic animal, but he didn't mention burial. I suppose it's not always possible when the ground is frozen.

  7. I hope you have more luck in the future and breeding them, With any marine fish or mammal you run major risks of them having complicated births or babies that are not viable and anyone in the fish industry understands that, so I hope people weren't too hard on you for what happened. It could easily happen to anyone. I am glad the female is healing up, They are both gorgeous. Donating the baby for biology purposes is amazing and really awesome for you to do, I am guessing you donated the pup to Dalhousie university in their marine biology department, which is an amazing university and one of the only universities that offer marine biology. I am located in moncton and breed axolotls on a large scale and getting larger, I really love all of your videos, I just recently used your tank resealing video to reseal one of our large tanks. All of your advice is amazing and we tend to go by it here a lot even with the axolotls. 🙂 We hope we can someday have the same kind of recognition for our axolotl breeding, and our youtube channel, we would like to make our channel more professional in the future like yours. We are amazed at all your work! Please keep it up! Look forward to seeing new videos!

  8. in·sem·i·nate … inˈseməˌnāt/verbverb: inseminate; 3rd person present: inseminates; past tense: inseminated; past participle: inseminated; gerund or present participle: inseminatingintroduce semen into (a woman or a female animal) by natural or artificial means.



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