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  1. Your talents far exceed the DIY realm. You need to show of your artistic touches when it comes to aquascaping, habitats and lighting. The video keyed in on one of the most under utilized aspects of the aquarium trade… the lighting source. I am not sure I have seen anyone ever play with intensity, location and spectrum as I have seen with your designs. You nailed it!!!

    In watching this video I was amazed at how different an aquarium can look by changing the position, intensity, focal point and height of a light source. The multiple tanks towards the begining of the video each had a unique perspective unlike any I have seen before. It inspired me to jump up and start moving my lighting around which changed the dynamic of my tank instantly. Your DIY lesson for today was…be different then everybody else and change your perspective.

    With the combination of species driven tanks, themed aquascaping and enhanced lighting techniques your tanks are something to truly behold. I know "Amano" style tanks have their place in the industry but I prefer "Joey" style any day of the week.

    If you have the chance please put together a video with a compilation of your favorite tank designs showcasing your many talents. I for one would love to see a more in depth look at the tanks in the begining of this video.

    You have a truly amazing gift….keep on inspiring.

  2. Dude I just want to say that your videos are great and I've learned a lot from them. Thanks for the great content! I just acquired an AI Prime HD for Saltwater, can I use this for a planted freshwater tank? I've heard mixed ideas but I would trust your judgment over any one else.

  3. The design has been changed since this video was released. The new ones no longer have WiFi, only Bluetooth. So there's no longer cloud control. This seems to be happening across AI's product line, which I learned the hard way when I moved my two AI Prime HD's to a bigger reef tank where I added a third light that only does Bluetooth.

  4. The lights are incredible no doubt. How are these considered affordable? Even for a smaller 30-50 gallon tank you would need 2 lights… $400 isnt cheap but maybe thats me.

  5. You simply inspire me. Your excitement and passion most def. shows for the hobby. I know the u tube videos can be a lot of work, but thank you for taking the time to guide us through the hobby. Your work is very much appreciated.

  6. Was considering buying a set of AI Prime for my reef tank. But after checking out the myAI link to download the software. A LOT of complaints about connections problems and software not working. So considering Kessil lights now.

  7. $200 is hardly affordable, I see the value vs cost benefits, but as a “normal” hobbits, I wouldn’t want to spend more then $50 on lighting.

  8. 199 in the US now for the Marine Version, thanks for showing how the light works, you showed more than all of the other vides that I have seen on how to set them up, I am still a little confused but much better off now than before. Some videos show a Done button on the upper right screen WOW what a great idea but mine shows a weird little circle thingy just like yours does. SO AI is smart enough to make a nice light but not smart enough to put a Done button for everyone.


Turbidity after post solid removal and biofiltration

Turbidity after post solid removal and biofiltration

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