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A devastating update on my stingrays ►
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An update on my stingrays ►


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  1. Truly love all you have to say and show !!!! You need to do more on your air return, It looks like a pro.air compressor.? I keep some of the same fish as you,Discus and have had two Arowanas in one tank, a black and a silver. That was in the day when they said'you cannot keep more than one per tank! They were babies. Grew up together fine, until they got to big for my 125 gallon long.
    i have hit the subscribe button several times .

    Craig Woodhull
    on fb @ Woody's Discus open group

  2. Great videos thanks for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I have got your book and have to study it. Just a quick question you mention feeding earthworms are these fresh, the reason i ask is i am rebuilding my aquaponic systems and in the past i have fed live fresh food like worms but have wondered sometimes while watching the fish eating should i be cleaning the worms somehow or should i be feeding worms at all? The fish love them though! God Bless!

  3. Great video with a lots of great infos. I got plenty good ideas about my new sump project. thank you:)
    You and I have few things in common. I have had many different fish in past 30 years as a hobbies. Lastly I ended up having Arowana and Discus. those are the once i am just focusing on now. I just love those fish.

  4. You're one of the best fish keeper here on youtube! :)) Not minding the aesthetic aspect of the tank, in order to provide more for your fishes! Cheers from the Philippines! Keep the hobby alive man!



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