The first update of my aquarium gallery! I cant wait to build the fish tanks and get the aquarium fish into their new homes! From saltwater reefs to planted aquariums, this gallery will have it all!

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  1. Something to think about is lever-handle door knobs – they can be opened with an elbow when your hands are full. The entire gallery is looking great.

  2. I'm not sure if it's a big deal to you but I thought I'd point it out. I was looking at the details you have going on and I noticed that the metal pieces of the door (room that will have QT tanks) are a green color. Like I said, might not be a big deal but I figured I'd tell you anyway. It's great to see how the fish room is transforming! Can't wait for it to all come together.

  3. Dude, you should totally give aquarium building classes AS you are building your 10 120g tanks for demo. People pay for their materials plus teaching, so you end up with the tanks you already needed plus profit and new subscribers and video content

  4. I think you project of a fish gallery is awesome and has a amazing future in your hands. I think the grey is a great choice as someone into photography/film. We use grey cards to get correct lighting so on auto your walls will have your settings in a good spot. Also the grey will absorb extra light instead of reflecting it like most lighter colors. As for the wall I think it be cool to hang aquarium/fish art. Maybe hold a comp for the best ten drawings/paintings etc be cool to see the fans have art on the channel. Anyway you are an inspiration to the hobby and love where this is going.

  5. Ooooo joey your such a hoooozzzier. Just kidding man. Its looking great. Crazy what we do for the hobby. I'm installing central ac for me and mostly my fish. Love the update and info, looking forward to more

  6. Thks for taking ur time to share the update with us Joey! I completely feel u on the wanting to get things done instead of shooting the video part! The actual building is just so much more enjoyable than shooting a video LOL. Good luck with the rest of the building!

  7. Joey, did you think of putting plugs in the ceiling for hanging lights over your tanks vs having them on the wall. If so why did you go with wall vs ceiling.
    Love the new garage / aquarium palace 😉

  8. peg board. hang it with deck planks. it will help with the echo and give you lots of places to hang things. when you don't need it it will help with sound and when you are building hang a basket and hangers have all your tools, glue what ever you need hanging right there.

  9. You probably know this but I was told a tankless water heater on a well can be problematic as fine particulates in the water can clog the system so a fine filter floss was suggested to mitigate it (in the end I went with a tank). Also, I had a heat recovery unit once, great idea, coming from a cold winter city though the winter air coming in will be colder than you think, or perhaps more accurately the heat recovery won't be as high as you expect. Love the project and updates (and the purple car story)!

  10. Hey Joey, love the channel, and love your vids, but you really need to invest in a wireless lapel mic system for your videos, especially if you are going to be doing videos with you moving around a lot, like a few of your last ones, makes the videos seem really amateurish with the bad sound 🙁
    Otherwise, keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Need to add daylight LED lights it makes everything look so clean and you don't want the ceiling lights to be different from tank lights!! Can't wait to see more updates I've been waiting months now!! Keep up the great work!

  12. @thekingofdiy it's coming along great it's gonna be awsome you don't owe anybody anything it's your time, money ,space and dream take your time and do it how you want lol not to mention pissing off the wife remember happy wife happy life lol

  13. I watched the video that you did with Jenny (Solid gold)…great video by the way.
    In that video you said you had had just about every type of disaster that you can possibly have in fish keeping. This has made you now the near perfect aquarimist, i really like how you are in no mad rush and push to get this project finished and full of fish. Your taking you're time and thinking it through…plus you have visited some awesome fish places and thought through the pro's and cons of what's available and right for you fish house. Top work Joey. Well done.



AMAZING aquarium fish store tour!!