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Aquarium fish filter room update!
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  1. I love your video..trying to start a akvarium. Go to pet shop and i realy ben sad vhy fish vas realy not God and vrong pump mm. Why sell fish when die… But now i nov more and gett right from start. Tank you 😆

  2. i increased the size of my 55 gallon aquarium by connecting a 55 gallon food grade barrel to the out flow of my small canister filter then let the water push out of it back into the aquarium. I ran the in and out through the top of the barrel. the In line i put a piece of black roll water pipe running to the bottom of the barrel on the inside and let the pressure force up and "overflow" back through a line into the aquarium. didn't have much media for it yet. couldn't find a source for it. but works well. then used luan plywood and 2x2s to build a box around the barrell. still need to trim the corners and stain it. (note that the wife is not greatly thrilled to have this 4 foot tall x 2 foot wide plywood box in the living room, but she will live, me living is still up in the air. lol)

  3. Going to need a mansion soon Pal .. and hired help 🤪 should I send my cv now ? 😎 .. you’ve come a long way in a short time .. makes one think where will the next 10 years take you ? And seriously cv on way 😂👍

  4. I just added a gold gourmrami and a Opealeye gourmrami to my 60 gallon and my blood parrot won’t leave them alone what should I do to stop my blood parrot from being so aggressive he normally leaves other fish alone

  5. Good choice on filtration Joey.
    Its looking good .
    Keep it up.
    I'm surprised that you use shark bite for your plumbing, isn't that a little expensive?
    Why not just get a pressure clamp rings?
    Anyway keep loving what you doing.
    Can't wait for the baby's.✌

  6. Nice, you should make a single video just on the barrel filtration system when you finish it. I am interested in doing something similar with my tanks and I'd like to see your take on it.


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