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  1. Reminds me of the time I came home from a weekend trip and found my 20gal tank 75% drained and my fish swimming in like 3 inches of water. Sprung a leak while I was gone and came home to a crazy scene

  2. And it only makes one tiny mistake to kill them all. And you love them and they are your babies and the guilt is pure. You have to say to yourself that they would have had a harder time in the wild . 35 years and counting.

  3. Thanks for making this video. As I am thinking about my new tank. It is a fraction of the size of the one that you had, but it is always a great thing to know what not to do and what to look out for. It is an expensive lesion, but like you said, now you know. Thanks again for sharing!

  4. just a thought, but could you put a piece of yoga mat fitted and attached to the bottom of the tank, to prevent situations like that. or a harder foam such as polystyrene.

  5. I got a 100 gallon tank it has 1 in glass that’s for $150 from market place when I told him when we where going to pick it up he send me the address and it was my neighbor 😂😂😂😂 I was soprised

  6. To know that those fish survived for hours without water is amazing… I truly believe those fish held onto life because of you and your love for these animals.

  7. I just had a 10 gallon bottom crack. No idea why. Just glad I have a tank I can put the fish in for the time being. I’m just glad I was in the room when it happened.

  8. I'm so glad you did show as new getting into the hobby those little unspoken things that really come to count thanks that's stepping up and bestowing a very valuable lesson rule but yes it still happens thanks for the reveal and where I am mistaken you do here it's spoken the level of a tank and pressure points but it never hits hot a new to the hobby you need 2 take in much information thank you so much

  9. I had 1 tank pop on me and just like you it was a stone underneath so easily done I was that excited about setting my aquarium up I just didn’t check properly I ended up buying some aquarium sealant and some methylated spirits and re sealed it and made a soft base from Perspex 10 months in and still going strong

  10. I'm using my girlfriends phone as I just broke I watch you riligasly on my owt account but I just wanted to say thanks for actually posting this J I'm relatively new to this compared to you but I will be sure to check and check again from now on. I'm glad the fish were ok bud

  11. I’m am so sorry to hear and see what happened to your tank and fish. But, I also want to thank you for “educating” me about the likelihood of something like this happening and precautions I can take to help avoid it.

    I am a retired special education teacher after forty-two years. I’ve always shared with my students how we can best learn from our mistakes. You did that for us!


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