My all in one discus aquarium update

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All in one aquarium discus UPDATE

How I built this aquarium system:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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  1. If I wanted to build a 24×24 cube how thick of glass should I use ?? Thanks btw I’ve watched you for years and I’m a channel member keep up the good work!

  2. I love keeping aquariums, I love tropical fish. Their so beautiful & were such a hobby of mine. But in reality they all just seem sad & why wouldn’t they be?! In reality It’s cruel, the entire hobby is just cruel.

  3. I found myself on your old videos! This was so helpful making my sump! What happened to this awesome tank build!? I love it and the stand!

  4. Joey, I've seen most of your new videos but I really enjoyed this series of this tank and fish!One day I am going to try a build like this!! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I want to build an internal filter like this. But what would be the best way to make sure no shrimp/fish fry or snails get into the filter area? Make a bigger inlet with a mesh cover? You would have to clean it with a toothbrush now and then to maintain a good inflow though. Anyone any other ideas?

  6. Love to do this researched on many of your videos however not sure if it's possible as I have 16 amps to play with as I live in a caravan would the instillation of a sump and aquarium be at all possible?

  7. if you can get a hold of those large water bottles that plug into the water coolers they work great too! i actually used one back when i had a 40 gallon tank. I do miss my 40 and the fish that were in it (my husband adopted fish and one was a very nice pleco that harbored a hidden brain parasite, he went crazy and killed the other fish that and i simply dont have room right now… maybe when the kids are older we can set one up in the play room) i had mollies, a pleco, two catfish, shrimp that bred like crazy, trumpet snails and rams horn snails along with some apple/mystery snails (the breeder of them had them listed as both) and i had a 10 gallon set up to breed bettas….i might get into betta breeding again! 😀 for now i have breeding platties and they have two fry in the tank that survived! my daughters fry sadly died due to an air pump malfunction….. the shrimp and other critters are fine though! 😀 i just love all things living and a fish tank is a great thing to have. the main one sits next to my stove, which, is the perfect location, my beardie is next to my computer and is our focus point animal in the living room. and he has two micro nano tanks in his tank. 😀 btw that is a lovely pair of discoids i can tell you take care of them!



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