My 375 gallon aquarium build series INTRO

Welcome to my 375 gallon aquarium tank build series!

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  1. Hey King, Thanks for all your information. You helped me turn an abandoned on the curb, leaking, in the trash 90 gallon into a nice tank for my niece. Now I'm going to recreate your 375 tank as a saltwater tank. Will the epoxy hold up as a saltwater tank or do you recommend something different ? Thanks

  2. Hi Joey

    have been follow you on youtube for a couple of years. Finally trying to build an acrylic tank. can you give me what the material for this 375 tank? and what did you get them?

    Thank you so much!

  3. I look forward to this build. You really cut to the chase and show how to make an awesome aquarium. I subscribed when you showed how to do an underwater waterfall, that was sweet and I appreciated the info.

  4. I really appreciate every video you make because I am a long long time hobbyist Aquatics and you Dustin all you guys have got me back into it love you so much keep doing it number one fan go Joey let's get 500000

  5. I'm so excited for the next coming Months. Your videos make Sundays so much easier to deal with. Waiting that last day before the new Game of Thrones is tough.

    P.S I hope you get some cool fish and hardscape from Rachel. A collaboration series between you 2 would be awesome.



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