My 240 gallon aquarium – PLYWOOD tank tour

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This is the plywood/glass i built, video shows equipment being used.


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  1. I think what I like the best about this video is how similar Joey is still. He hasn’t changed based on popularity and fan pressure. Props Joey for staying true to yourself and your passion for the hobby!

  2. Joey!! You gotta do a video where you explain the filtration system & how to put one together!
    My brother you’ve come such a long way. Legit went from your most recent video to this one!! Congratulations on your journey

  3. Yay. Love this. I am getting bits together for a tank that is 1.2m wide and tall and 2.4m long. I was just looking for a container to raise salmon for aquaponics but making it a viewing tank seems so much better. Thanks.

  4. Hi there Happy New Year, I have question about your tank since I will be using same exact footprint as well How many coats of liquid rubber did you use for this tank and did silicone adhere good with liquid rubber?



  5. Hey Joey I just wanted to say your my hero man I think I've watched every vid and holy hell you are a genius I wish I had your brain man to tell you the truth you have helped me step up my whole game on this hobby but I guess its not a hobby its a way of life and I just had to say thank you I have built this exact tank and built the DIY canister filter on it and I'm about to hook my 55 g tank up to it with plants manyou have saved me thousands I swear lol but anyways thank you man – josh

  6. After watching this video for the 3rd time ( 8 months later) I've realized that most of this stuff is for you to play with! With 3 fish you'd be fine with the fluval! I wish I had the money and space for something cool like this, I'll stick with 1 sump for now 😛

  7. 5 x 3 x 2' …don't think that is 237 gallons. I love your vids man – tell me my math is wrong. If my 125g (outside glass measurements are 6' x 2' x 18". Seems impossible.

  8. I have a 80 gallon tank with a sump.. I want my tank to turnover 20x in one hour. How thick Pvc. and what type of pump do you reccomend. Reasonible price.

  9. the fluval fx5 is a monster filter! We have one on our 185g freshwater (for 6 yrs now) and we just added another one to the same tank yesterday! I think we have enough water turnover now LOL (1200 gph) haha The fish had better appreciate that!!!



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