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2,000 gal update:

The aquarium gallery is coming along! Today we mainly focus on the 2,000 gallon aquarium build!

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  1. I don't know if you noticed, but in the beginning of this video at 00:20 you have a cool guest on your show. That Whitetail Deer is looking at you and wondering what's going on. LOL. Have a great day. Love all your videos and props as well as congrats on all you have achieved.

  2. I'm watching your videos in parts but the picture is starting to stick together. Amazing videos and they're filled with information! I hope I can use all of these tips and tricks to build my own tank in the near future. Hope I can keep seeing more and more amazing tank builds!

  3. Im only 17 and i had fish and turtles but my parents wouldnt let me keep them once after we moved to the new house this is my plan when i move out my parents house

  4. I have a question. I resealed my tank about a month ago I waited 48 hours before I added any substrate or decorations. Gave it a test run by filling it with water and it didn't leak. I put in my substrate (gravel) and decorations. Yesterday I noticed the water level had went down I added water. Then I realized it was leaking again. I took all the fish and decorations seen that after I got it down to were the water was 2 inches from the bottom it wasn't leaking anymore. it's a 55 gallon tank what should I do?

  5. Hey Joey, today is the first day I got to get caught up on ur videos and wanted to help. But I am shocked that this happened in 2 days. Congratulations bud, can't wait for more videos to come.

  6. you should definitely create a patreon account for people to continue donating to the progress of the gallery. please don't let pride get in the way. something like this is a community effort by the hobby. you have so much support from everyone.

  7. I love the videos, you, and this community! It can be hard to ask for help, but I am glad you did!!! We are all staying tuned and supporting:)

  8. I really appreciate what you do to communicate towards your fish keeping community. I was always a big fan of fish keeping and had my first 10 G aquarium. I became more passionate about my aquarium keeping over the years and even had 4 aquariums in my room.

    People always ask me why I waste so much of my money on the fish tank but knowing that you put your effort in the hobby helps me see why I do it in the first place. I really enjoy the fish keeping as a passion and I truly love my fish as if they are my children. What you do and see in the community in the comments helps me to know there are others who have the same passion as me.

    I really hope you keep up the fish hobby in the upcoming years and I will gladly support you in any way I can!



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