Moving my MONSTER FISH!!!

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In this video we move the fish and set the tank up!

If you just want to see the fish moved:

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  1. I really need help. I don't know where to buy a glass for my custum build aquarium please someone reply, diy if you see this please reply

  2. could I possibly get some advice from someone who Is knowledgeable on fish specifically betas and glow tetras. I'm thinking of adding a male beta fish to my tank to add more color because the theme is neon. I have ten gallon tank that has a bubble wand in the back on the bottom to oxygenate the tank, a medium whisper filter, a smooth piece of obsidian that has been cleaned in a way that is safe for fish,a moon glow fish hide out, and a led light that changes colors since it is a neon themed tank. fish wise it has three glow tetras that are one inch in length that I'm pretty sure are healthy because their coloration is very vibrant and they have no visible health issues and came from a good fish I know coloration can vary depending on health. I have previously had betas and haven't had to good of a history because I had gotten them from Walmart and they were basically on their way out but the ones I managed to bring back to health after getting them had done really well and I had rehomed to someone who I knew would take good care of them so I could try to get another and bring it back to health and find it a good home (basically did a small scale beta rescue). just about every beta in the Walmart in my town are in horrible shape and look like they are minutes away from dying.

  3. what did you do/say to get your wife to be cool with all this? I generally try and live my life by "its easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission" but I don't think I would ever hear the end of it, if I had your set up

  4. lol i own a moving company in boston! when i was watching you move filter i was trying to talk to you threw my screen lol..if you turned barrels 180 ° the pvc woulda went into open space trying to turn ( probably) im not there in person so just guesstimate over here..awsome love your videos!

  5. Hey whats up. I think your vids are awesome and very informative, thanx a lot for posting them. Have you ever made any detailed vids of the wooden racks construction? I want to start my fish room and wooden stands is the look i want.

  6. To this day, or for as long as you had those acrylic tanks, have they gotten any notable scratches? If so, how did they occur? Opinions on the internet seem to be very split regarding how easy it is to scratch the type of acrylic often used for aquariums. Some say they've taken car keys to theirs without a scratch, others note that their Plecos' suction mouths alone have been enough to graze their acrylic considerably. My best guess tells me it has to do with the type of acrylic used, so knowing your up to date experience with it will go a long way for helping me decide whether it is worth the price for a large planted tank. Thanks.

  7. Great vid Joey! Are you planning to change the aro tank's background to black? Aro experts here in southeast asia always keep blue-based XBs in black tanks for better color development and appreciation. 



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