Today i talk about why I shut moved my fish, which tanks were shut down and what is is coming.

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  1. I've been watching the DIY videos for years. Very educational. Buying a T-SHIRT? LOL You never respond to me, it's always females. So if you're female you'll get a shirt.

  2. I am a 34 year old I love this channel and have 5 tanks. A 60 gallon tank,40 gallon tank,80 gallon tank,25 gallon tank,and a 1000 gallon tank with an arowana and a red tail catfish. They fight at times. I am selling them for $890.00 for the arowana and $78.00 for the red tail.

  3. hi my name is Justin I recently found your channel and watched many of your videos, with that being said i would really like too speak with you when you get a chance either through email or text message I would like some professional advice with my 70 gallon fish tank,My fish; and feedings. I have been dealing with fish since i was about 9 (21 now) and my fish tank ended up with a very peculiar fish family with that being said i would really like too speak with you at some point when you get a chance advice is really needed!!
    thank you for taking the time too read this hope too hear from you soon

    p.s i want fresh water rays and an arrowana now

  4. Joey I ordered shirts for my wife and I. They are amazing and great quality. Thank you for all you do and the constant beneficial information! Keep up the great work and best of luck to you and all your tank mates!

  5. Imagine if you're in a bar and someone like Joey that is sitting across the bar sees you and smiles. Then he stands up and heads on over to you. He then sits down next to you and starts talking. Talking non-stop about "moving fish and shutting down aquariums". Exactly the way Joey is doing in this video.

  6. i hope you know all of your fans appreciate each every day you work on your tanks i am 15 and i just got a job i dont really have any financial obligations right now and i want to donate all of the money i dont save to be put into something i love….. i love the work you do with your fish if you would start a patreon page that really would be the best thing ever you could do more stuff with the fish because you could be funded please please please get a patreon started



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