today, we update on the aquarium gallery. Take a look at aquarium filter media under a microscope, move the fish to their new aquarium, show case the new lights installed and talk about whats to come.

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  1. Joey, love how the gallery is coming out. Will you be painting the stands black and putting doors on them to hide the sumps and everything after you finish setting everything up? I hope so. It will make it look so much better and take the focus off the noticeable stand and put it even more on the tanks that sit on them. 👍🏼

  2. Tbh I can’t believe Joey thinks that catfish isn’t gonna eat Susan at some point, if it gets bigger and they stay in the same tank. Seriously. There’s videos of catfish choking on things way bigger than them, birds, turtles etc. He can’t be shocked when that red tail slurps down Susan some day 🤷‍♀️

  3. Joey I liked the old fish tank rack set up but the way you have done the new tank set up so far lights n tanks etc LOOK AWSOME HEAPS BETTER hello from AUSSIE mate love the vids

  4. Joey, What is the largest size tank that you have on the wooden stands??? I have a 250 project and undecided between welding or simply going with the wood. My in wall tank is on wood and is fine but it is only 100G.

  5. Love the uaru and tropheus. The tanks are starting to look good, Joey. Love it. Keep em coming. You always surprise us with what your next move will be for the gallery.

  6. Joey this is the change that I like to see moving towards what an everyday hobbyists aquarium room would look like you bring inspiration to a lot of us your videos all the information that you pack into the videos and just your basic knowledge of things handy work construction work all these things are what people need to learn in the real world I enjoy watching your videos keep then coming

  7. I like this system better than the racks. DIY style is the best. Especially with Joey, it just makes more sense for him to do everything DIY.

  8. I must admit I wasn’t sure about this idea for the new gallery, but seriously it’s blowing me away it looks so much better!!!!! Well done Joey and it’s not even done yet, but i’m already so excited for the finished product

  9. Joey, everything is coming along nicely! Custom Aquariums make good looking racks, but it is just unattainable for a lot of people due to its expense. This DIY setup definitely hits home with a lot of the viewers, who draw inspiration from the things that are simple and attainable – at least for me.


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