THESE 3D AQUARIUM BACKGROUNDS are absolutely amazing! So realistic, they fooled everyone i showed them to. Imagine these once they are in your aquarium and aged a bit. I can not wait to see what they look like!


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  1. So here’s an idea do you think you could use his background on the bottom of your tank get rid of the gravel or sand substrate. I like to view my tanks from all sides but having this on the bottom would be amazing. Could this be done?

  2. Wooooooah… There's realism and there's 'realism', they must be pulled out with work! I can't wait to see what magic you do with yours.
    What kind of paint is safe to use in aquariums? I would be really grateful if anyone could let me know or about 'YouTube videos of the paint actually being used ' in' aquariums!

  3. Thanks for the good videos…on the other side it's very expensive … If I have a aquatic show I will definitely buy from them… thanks for the videos ur inspiration for me in this hobby.

  4. Man I'd love to place an order but the past few days their online shop has been down so I can't calculate prices or place orders 🙁

  5. yep, I recently discovered these on internet- they are really awesome and most likely worth their price. I cant afford any of those though, maybe some day…..

  6. Was looking at the DIY background and thought I'd take the lazy way out and get something that looks great. These look awesome and everything, but ouch… quite co$tly. I'll have to settle on the DIY for now. Thanks for reviewing these though.

  7. Please have a go at a leafy bottom covered with resin to fit the bottom of an amazonian tank,i think if you get it right it coukd look stunning at the bottom of the tank👍

  8. I went to the Aquadecor website and for the heck of it I picked the same as you did for the Discus for my Discus 220 gal. I just about died with the price. I just got my 220 at age 60 which is my dream tank. Still dry as I'm waiting to find just the right thing for it. So it won't be 3D background unfortunately because they are really beautiful.

  9. My favorite backgrounds were 1 and 2.
    I love 1 because it does look like cliff rock, and I like how there are some spaces behind some of the rock that juts out for the fish to hide into if they want to. You could also stuff some water plants into some of the cracks to help soften the look if you wanted to.
    Number 2, in one of your videos I saw some red discus fish with the number 2 background with the vertical tree trunks in it and I thought it looked great, stunning really. The red fish against the grayish brownish background really made them pop! They did look like they were swimming among some mangrove roots in a river. The set up looked appropriate and natural.
    That company was very generous to send you all of those!


Grow Room Update (LED Light Giveway Coming!)

Grow Room Update (LED Light Giveway Coming!)