Feeding all the monster fish in the aquarium gallery for halloween!

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  1. It's great to watch the arowana in the 375 eating as it's far more "gentle" as there's no competition!
    I think that's the only one you'll be able to feed that to regularly as the tetras will be on clean up duty LOL xx

  2. Hey joey I hear you talk about no live food feeding, I’m about to be getting pea puffers and thinking of feeding the frozen bloodworms and bladder snails i just started getting in my 20Gal. Any recommendations for food to feed them?

  3. Hi guys so I have a question, can anyone help me with this? So I have a well established tank with over a years worth of beneficial bacteria growth, I’m about to swap out my community for about 25 infant blue acara I’ve bread.. my tank is planted but I want to do some work and get the plants and tank looking 100% before I put the new chic-lids in.. if I take my fish out now, how long will my beneficial bacteria last? Many thanks.


Step-by-Step DO measurement with Tetra Test Kit

Step-by-Step DO measurement with Tetra Test Kit

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New video tomorrow