MONSTER DIY aquariums and fish UPDATE

Last week we left you with the story on how a cobalt neotherm aquarium heater blew up and killed my rays. In today’s video I update you on my aquariums and fish since the night the rays died. .
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  1. Good time! It has long been inked on your channel, it inspires me! The flow of useful information does not stop, and this is very important! But noticed an interesting point, namely the lack of emergency drain outlet of water from the aquarium in Mines which is drained into the sump. If you miss the time when the filler is clogged, water will flow over the edge! If the drain near sponge pasted partition, when the sponge clogged water will rise and after the partition will be discharged into the pipe. So you can keep track of the filler replacement.

  2. Feel like u got new energi i hope u Feel better. its sad but it happends, and if it be other exident hope not fishes dont die becose of other. be strong.

  3. joey, thanks for always sharing your hobby and experiences. thanks to you now I want an arowana. I found a pet shop that has a few silvers but it makes me mad when I see shops like this that have such a great fish in a tank with 3 others that have died and all their tanks have some amount of dead fish and debree buildup. I will have my arowana when the time is right. what do you do when you see things like that?

  4. I am only about 6 months into the hobby. Bought a 10gal tank for my son and it's become mine for the most part. Already picked up 2 more tanks for the future.I liked how you talked about how there are chapters to this hobby.

  5. @1:09 Reminds me of when my Angel fish used to lay there eggs on a big plant leave for my Kribensis i used a very small black baby bottle hidden by rocks and plants it made a good home for them, the parents would guard the entrance and lay the eggs on the inside of the bottle got to love Cichlids they make the best parents , it's a shame cos had tanks for about 23 year now i switched to big pond koi felt like a change but after watching this makes me wanna set up a Nice big tank again

  6. Hey man just wanted to say something about your last video. just wanted to say you have a lot of people that watch your videos (im sure you're aware) and i wanted to give you props for not making a video(s) snapping on the company with those heaters and actually being mature about it and understanding that every product can have flaws. i think you doing that rubs off on your viewers tremendously and you should be proud of what you did. i know you had to do a lot of work from the aftermath and im very sorry about your rays but i honestly believe that more good came from that incident than bad. i look forward to watching the rebuilding process and what youll do next. thanks for everything you do joe.

  7. Joey, your one of the main reason I feel in love with this hobby again. Your book has been a true diy bible to me ive done more then a few. I like figuring out new ways of doing things and tinkering around. With that said I look forward to your new videos. Oh next project is going to be a plywood tank.
    wish you all the best

  8. it's amazing how much patience & work you put in to building these things…. I can't even stack a Jenga tower without going crazy lololololol.

  9. You mentioned you might be doing a video about a planted aquarium. While you’re at it,
    can you include talking about selecting and treating wood for a planted

  10. Do a cichlids setup? Maybe. Personally I'd love to see you have some "daintier" smaller fish, like bettas. Why don't you do a sorority? It would be something quite new I'd imagine. I'd like to see smaller fish as it would be beneficial to see some DIYs for smaller fish hobbyists. I love your Asian A. He's gorgeous.

  11. How's it going? Love your videos especially the diy's. Very informational and I'm gonna be posting soon to show some of your stuff in action. I'm not lucky enough to have well water and I've been looking for some info on how to filter my water system to make it immediately, out of tap safe for my aquariums. I now have to let it sit for days to make it safe. A link or maybe a video to help would be great. Thanks. My favorite fish of yours is the Asian Arowana. Love the huge scales.

  12. Hey Joey I have been watching your channel for a year or so now and really enjoy your content. I am so sorry to hear about your rays. Glad to hear your not giving up and are going to keep the DIY mastery coming! Good luck!

  13. so plant the plywood aquarium. forewarned plants are a labor of love and you will become attached to them just like your fish. also go big the first time around because you go big with most thing you do, you will end up there (big) anyway. This will save you some money over all. what i mean by big is go high tech but diy it. dirt the tank with potting soil then cover with gravel. Co2 injection (anything over 55g you really need compressed Co2). lighting you can defiantly diy with leds which you seem to be interested in but you need the right K values. use information form Dustin as guide lines because though he looks like he know what he is doing his secret is the dirt and water changes.

  14. I only found your videos today. I'm glad you are picking yourself back up and moving onward. 🙂 May your hobby and future be bright and promising.

  15. hey Joey Glad to see the arowana! What about starting a Saltwater Reef Tank as another chapter of learning in the hobby? Im sure thousands of subscribers would like to see updates on a Nano Tank too!



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