MONSTER aquarium fish VS live WORMS!!

Feeding my monster fish tanks live worms 10 months ago:

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  1. Hi Joey, I was thinking of getting some red wigglers for my discus fish. Would you think there are any chances of giving them any sort of parasites if the worms are from a good source and then harvest at home. Will my discus be totally safe and parasite free? Thanks in advance. Max

  2. Joey have you ever seen Steve Irwin, just figured why I’m so drawn to your content. You remind me of him so much. At 5.36 you say “Oh my gosh, look how gorgeous they are, just absolutely stunning”. You sound like him so much but with a Canadian accent. Check him out, you will love his enthusiasm for wildlife. Sadly he got killed by one of your favourites, a string ray. RIP Steve Irwin 🙏

  3. Hey listen:
    Please help me you are the only one who can help me… Please tell me is my parrot fish is male or female can we personally talk on Instagram my account name is viresh_agrawal_1200 i will send you a pic please help me

  4. Love the arowanas and the rays – stunning. It seems to be fairly common to see drop eye in arowanas from other videos. When or are you not going to correct it?
    Susan didn't go for them like I thought he would! Love feeding worms! xx

  5. Hello I’ve also own a red tail cat lovely fish and will literally never stop eating plus I noticed my one likes mussels as a treat and are super friendly aswell will let you stroke them without sounding weird lol but they will wrap their whiskers around your finger such a amazing feeling and experience 😊

  6. Enjoy your bass more!! They are so cool man, i absolutely them, i keep a peacock and a largemouth they are amazing fish and as aggressive as the arowanas once they get some size.

  7. Joey, could you do a video on algae some day? I never see even a speck of algae in any of your aquariums. Do you use something to kill it or is it just lighting? Thanks!


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