MONSTER AQUARIUM – fish store tour

Fish store of “Monster aquarium inc”. I heard a lot about this store and made sure I visited and shared it with you guys!

This is the video I was editing when the arowana jumped. Im releasing this today, an update on the arowana tomorrow and what I have got done in the aquarium gallery this coming Sunday. I have been going live and posting updates to Facebook and Instagram about the arowana in the mean time:Facebook ►
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If you haven’t seen what happened, see it here:
update here:

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  1. Imagine the effort involved during water change and even feeding eveeh single tank. I spit blood maintaining only single 7ft tank. His(store owner)dedication should be appreciated.

  2. So much cheaper than Australian aquarium's, an electric yellow will set you back $45 here, and something like a peacock bass if you can find one will cost between $100 to $1000.

  3. Hey Can't figure it out, 2 of my fish went to a part of the tank covered in algae during cleaning & came out with it stuck to them, I tried saving them & they died shortly after……… what is this & how can it be fixed?

  4. In indonesia flowerhorn10cm 1$, aligator 10cm 1$, Giant gourame 3$ big size 50cm, clown fish 5$, peacock bass 2$ 10cm size, silver arowana 15cm 4$, etc 😁



I built him a floating tank

I couldn’t save him…