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THOUSANDS of you =wanted this fish for the aquarium…. so you go it… with a twist…

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  1. I personally think all of your tanks are awesome. I am new too owning aquariums. I started out with a 10gallon 6 months ago with 4 gold fish.. last month I got a 36 gallon bow front with 9 zebra Danios & 6 platies. Just last week I got a 55 gallon and today I brought a jack Dempsey.. I have marineland magniflow c360 canister filters on my 2 largest tank, & a marineland 160 canister filter on my 10 gallon. A few green killing machine uv sterillzers 9& 24watts I have been wanting an aquarium for the last 5 years.. so I have just been researching & watching videos. Thanks so much for all of your knowledge and DIY tips.

  2. Man, aquariums should be fun. Getting a hook-tailed Oscar, naming him Captain Hook, and giving him a pirate ship is super fun. And any aquarium gallery worth its salt needs a damn silly, themed aquarium. I think this is perfect.

  3. I love Captain Hook and its the right name for him and the Pleco beautiful color they really go together. Black sand great and the ship. How do you make the background on your tanks? is inside or outside?

  4. Y can't see u have parrot king kong fish ? Is charming n cute n interesting fishes n easy to communicate with human n is fun to see n it have orange n yellow colour,only dis colour is nicer. Don't buy blood parrot fish bcos is ugly n fierce look bcos have small head with big body. King kong parrot fish have a very Round head together with body n its look totally Round shape n it face look cute together with body specially when he blowing n i believe all your familys will love dis king kong big parrot fish from 5 to 15 inches n have fun n happy.Hope to c u the next video. Thanks.


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