Make your own aquarium trim!

How to remove aquarium trim and DIY your own aquarium trim!

If you are looking to make your own trim it would generally be due to the fact that you built your own aquarium and are looking to complete it with a trim. Or your current trim is too big and blocks a lot of the viewing area. or maybe its even broken and needs replaced.
What ever the reason, i’m going to show you a cheap, easy and practical way to build an aquarium trim.


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  1. I just picked up a 75g. The trim is scratched and looks awful, and the center brace is broken. Can I use this method to make a new one? Assuming I get some stronger/thicker plastic or other material? The tank will be for turtles, so it wont be completely filled like it would be with fish. Would this method still had some security to keep it bowing out at all?

  2. I just acquired an older 90-gallon aquarium ($40 – huge score!) that needs a good cleaning and trim repair/replacement (holds water perfectly). Haven't made up my mind yet if I want to go with another tank for fish or do a reptile enclosure. Either way, this was a huge help!

  3. I have a 90 gallon. And I want to take off the top edge trim. I'm looking for anyone who thinks this might be a bad idea to tell me why. I've heard the water weight causes glass to flex yadayadayada… is this the case or not because I can deal with a style if it means my fish aren't on the floor. Otherwise it will look 1000× better.

  4. hi if anyone can help please help me out. I have a 55 gallon tank and the brace is missing a piece so how can I fix it. or can I order a new trim? it's 48" × 12" 3/4 × 21"



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