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The king of DIY aquarium projects, education and inspiration!

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  1. The coolest looking brackish fish are the sailfin Mollie pea puffer they're silly and have teeth I believe someone can correct me on that and the name dragon gobys they're so cool reed fish and banded archer fish all nirite snails. All these guys are neat looking and brackish. Brackish is so underrated for how unique it is literally freshwater with a tiny bit of salt and the fish are super hardy bc in there natural habitat they stay between the ocean and lake so they deal with constant salinity changes temps and ph. Unlike salt water fish who need a ph around 8 and a certain ammount of salt at all times… even water changes are easier for brackish u dont have to be extra careful on measuring out salt. salt waters not my hype either but since u enjoy freshwater I bet your enjoy a brackish tank bc it's a freshwater tank with a tiny bit of marine salt and unlike salt water all u need is a water conditioner like prime marine salt a hydromonitor heater and filter!

  2. If you lose interest in a fish it makes sense to give it to someone who will care for it well. It's a responsible thing to do. Anyone who is mad about it needs to calm down.

  3. Shrimp tank incoming? I'd love to see a CO2 planted shrimp tank, and for the saltwater separate from freshwater, your entry room where the RTC and gourami are could be separate enough? Can't wait to see what you do next, I'm building my own gallery 😉

  4. Joey, how about using dividers in some of the tanks. That way you can use smaller fish to fill one side and have a lot more variety of freshwater fish. Your the best and thank you for your knowledge and support for the fish keeping community. Thanks.

  5. Hi Joey, I’m relatively new to your channel, and think it’s awesome. Me and my wife are thinking about setting up a marine tank, but just worried about running costs. Jeeze it must cost you a fortune, but I suppose that’s all relative to income. We have limited income as I’m now retired, so it’s something we would love but have to think seriously about. Look forward to seeing more of your videos.

  6. Didn't get to see it live but nice video. Wearing that exact shirt right now. On your goldfish topic, I have a black Moore in with a pair of dojo loaches and they all are so charismatic. It's a 30 gallon but they are both still young I have a tank already they will be home in when they grow.

  7. May I suggest red belly piranha school of 3 to 6 and drop in a sirloin once a week.. for the record as a filming event! You can sell tix to meat devours by the fish and take wagers in how fast they are finished with it. Enjoying your show!! 👍🏻

  8. Big respect all the way from sri lanka

    And if you named ur male gurami SUSAN, you can slightly change it to ZULTAN… 😉 indian named gurami couple would be a good idea i guess👍🏻👌🏻

  9. i have been watching your videos for a long time now, your video about your life was moving and encouraging. it's your triump and your loved ones. more power to you and keep up good work

  10. Your videos don't show up when i type 'the king of DIY' into youtube, I get videos of people talking about you, so youtube obviously knows who I mean. Is youtube attacking you?

  11. I have a question I have two turtles and one of my tanks broke ones a baby about the size of my hand and the other is an adult is it safe to put the baby in the same take as my adult turtle I need to know asap


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