LIVE! Aquarium gallery update & working on the 2,000 gallon tank!

Aquarium gallery update & working on the 2,000 gallon tank!

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  1. In building our on-farm butcher shop I did a lot of work (eight coats) with two-part epoxy to coat our floors, walls and ceilings – all concrete. A tip is to measure and mix in a single container. We do this by knowing the ratios of mass to volume (density) and then measuring out the first component using a gram scale and then the second component into the same container. Then mix. This saves having two measuring containers and makes it so we're not wasting all the material that sticks to the mixing containers or gets spilled.

  2. Hi – was just wondering if you have considered having the outside of the concrete tank plastered to smooth it and painted using automotive primer, spray paint and lacquer it to give it a mirror finish? probs too late now…….

    Awesome build though mate – loving the videos 🙂

  3. You are building my dream bro(in your style). Not really jelly(sort of lol) but someday I will do something likewise. Can't wait to see the whole thing done 🙂 Are you going to add any other big fish other than the rays and arowana? I know you said you are gonna add others just curious if there will be any other big-ins.

  4. Joey call live screaming video I missed it live watched it replay I think you're a cool guy thanks for looking good when you're painting. the tank Michael aquarium going going gone bye for now

  5. Hey man was wondering if you could recommend a place online to buy inserts for the tanks?? i have an 80 gallon tank and im looking for decent size inserts. thanks for your help

  6. I need some advice if anyone can help, is it possible to cycle media in a small container? (5gal bucket) I won't be able to get my aquarium for a few weeks but I already have everything to make a diy filter. thanks!

  7. Would you consider a tank with eels? Or similar types? Or possibly a crab tank like fiddler crabs or red claw crab? I think you're doing an amazing job with what you are doing but you can expand beyond fish and do great!



Aquarium gallery update