Leaving my aquariums behind…. again

Leaving my aquariums behind.... again

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  1. Hello everyone,
    Eventhough these type of comments are not usually apreciated,
    I would like you to spend 2 minutes clicking on my latest video,
    a fully restoration of an old and dirty aquarium. Thanks for the time!!
    Hope you enjoy my work!

  2. Hi Joey, let me start by saying just how much my 3year old foster son loves you and your videos. He's such a smart kid and absolutely adores aquatic life. He's been with us for 9 months now and was having such a hard time adjusting until we discovered his love of aquariums. He now has 6 tanks. 1. Is two 5 yr.old yellow belly turtles 2. Is a 6 month old red eared slider 3. Is a mix of sicklets and a red fined shark 4. Is a kind koi betta 5. Is a elephant ear bette 6. Is a half moon betta. Now wants an arrowann or a koi, he loves how big they are. But I can't just buy him a large arrowann or koi… His age the price their care and the fact that we don't have a pond. So I have been trying to figure out what the name of the gold fish are that look like koi so I can surprise him for his birthday. Ohh he even asked for his birthday to be fish themed. I ask him about the decorations he wants. Nemo, dori ect. He say No fish in thanks lol. He wants it to look like Joey fish room he said. Anyway a huge thank you form a great ful mom of one of your youngest fans. Your videos really helped us through some tough times.

  3. Dude….idk you, but my son and I started in this hobby around 2 years ago. We discovered you just about a month or two ago and I've got to say, you impress me so much. Kind of like a successful Julian/Ricky hybrid guy. lol. I meant that as a compliment btw, so I hope you didn't take offense. You are so sincere and passionate, it really shines through. Keep up the great work.

  4. Joey be careful with that ammonia and nitrite remover because you could mess up your established cycle and essentially restart your nitrogen cycle

  5. I kept African cichlids for 5 years at 7.0-7.2 pH being I knew what to do to raise my pH levels and they did awesome… It dropped to 6.5 for about a 3 month period and didn't lose a one… That was a long time ago… Now I use crushed Coral and stuff but people that tell you they can't thrive below 7.8 are liars…I also had Dempsey's, an Oscar and a green terror with them.. It was an amazing fun personality filled tank… Now I have 7 Africans, green terror, rubber pleco,albino bristle and a green phantom in a 72 gallon bow and it's a gorgeous setup


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