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  1. If you rotate or relocate any fish in the monster aquariums, I think an ecosystem tank would be cool. Have several species that naturally inhabit a body of water together. Cats, bluegill, bass, plenty of plants, snails, what ever comes to mind. Possibly convert one to saltwater.

    ALSO, invest in an underwater cam. I like to imagine you could do a voice stream while showing the underwater scenery.
    Hope you see some of my comments

  2. What's up Joey. I'm a recent member and long time viewer. Loved watching you build the garage and all the different scapes and fish. I get it, once you've reached a peak of what you're doing, what's next. This is just my opinion mind you. I watch videos of fish that I have or fish that I want to have. I love your selection and base a lot of my decisions on your expertise. What I'd really like to see, and what I (as ignorant as I am) would watch is the breeding some of those fish. You've seen the connection people have with your fish. Imagine their babies. I'm pretty sure you could sell them too. Name the parents, show the breeding. I would definitely be a customer. Take care.

  3. I found your channel after YouTubing how to reseal a tank just starting out in the hobby and then found your other videos just before the gallery was built and love your channel and how excited you grt


7 Days on a Pool Noodle / No Fuss Pak Choy / Easy DIY Hydroponics

7 Days on a Pool Noodle / No Fuss Pak Choy / Easy DIY Hydroponics

New Seedless Tomato:  Gina

New Seedless Tomato: Gina