IT WORKS! DIY Aquarium filter complete and fish fed! | The King of DIY

Today we feed the fish and finish building the DIY aquarium filter.

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  1. Why didn't you put the barrel on a stand and glue a pipe on it so the weight of the water in the barrel would push itself through the small pipe to return to the tank.
    Even if not on a stand and the pipe was near the bottom it would work to return.
    And only use one pump , just not a fast pump.
    Because the pipe would need to be a inch.
    But the extra media contact time would be efficient.

  2. So weird thing but does anybody else get people teasing you because you keep fish? I have a few pictures of my fish and doing water changes etc. On my instagram and for some reason people think it's weird or something idk 😂

  3. LOL at all the body comments…people trippin' on muscles. Joey BEEN like this. The Uaru are interesting fish…discus seem a bit thin? Maybe its the lighting. Francine likes her 'grab n go' meals. Interesting filter I wonder what max size tank it will be effective with? Red aros seem to be going pale again.

  4. Hi Joey, I really enjoyed the cleaning video of the 375 gal. fish tank and the feedings of your other fish. I really love aquariums, but don't have the room for one right now. Your videos are such a good way for me to get my "aquarium fix", lol. Thank you so much for sharing your fish with us all.

  5. Liking Francine. Although I think you're feeding her as opposed to Frank as she steals it straight from him! Cute how that works. Guess it should of been lady and tramp….

  6. Joey you could just drill a hole in the side lower than the second basket like a rain fall filter can’t remeber what there called, so then the water has to travel threw all the filter material before going back into the tank

  7. HEY JOEY!!!! At 4:49, this shows the concrete slab base of your garage/fish gallery is up in the air and not supported. This WILL result in the slab failing and the entire structure failing. You need to fill in the base under the slab ASAP!!!!!


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