I’m setting up a SALTWATER aquarium!!


It’s about time i set up a saltwater aquarium isn’t it?!
I DID IT!! See here:

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  1. I couldn't watching past 1 min in. wanted to see a saltwater aquarium set up not listen to an uninteresting douche talk about " if you have seen that video" and on and on about useless bullshit.

  2. Good afternoon from the West Coast I'm sure it's getting to the evening where you're at on the East Coast but I have a question. So being in the hobby I've already started looking into tanks to buy and things to build after watching your channel for months now after finding you on YouTube. You've discussed a lot of things and brought many things to mind going forward and a hobby for myself. One thing you've never discussed that has always piqued my interest and would like to go forward with is a brackish tank, if it's worth it and what would work best. I haven't seen the video of you doing anything with a brackish tank so far I'm a member on your Facebook page Instagram page and I've watched every video that you posted in the last probably year. I'm only 28 years old and I've been in the hobby since I was probably 14, I have a lot of experience in freshwater tanks compared to most but I have decided that my next tank which I've already started looking forward to purchasing even though I don't move back to the east coast for 2 more months after exiting the military. One fish that I have always had interest in are archers due to the fact that that they can spit upwards to get there food, I was wondering if you had any inclination on moving forward. I see on your Channel that you have three open tanks and you're racking system I'm pretty sure one of them or two of them are quarantine tanks and you have a lot going on with the saltwater tank in the hallway as well as your Pond currently being built. If you could give me some help weather in the comments or making a video to help me out it would be greatly appreciated, I understand you get comments and questions probably on the regular many a day from many of people. Just like yourself I've always been into Oscars, but from the store I've never been able to own a tank big enough to house them once full grown, and most stores once they get to a certain size won't accept them back and I'm not into buying fish that I can't house once they reach a certain size. I have zero experience in the saltwater field but I would like to start a brackish tank so that I can have puffers but most importantly archers. I know archers can become a larger fish. If you can give me any tips of the trade or show me and I video or something of that likeness it would be greatly appreciated as far as starting and maintaining a brackish fish tank and in your mind what a decent size tank I should begin with when housing archers, the biggest tank I have ever owned was a 75 gallon I'm looking into buying a 125 After exiting the military. I'm also wondering if I were to build my own stand like you did for the 375 and the 180 what's your normal cost is for building such a tank is by doing it yourself so I can appropriately plan myself. That is a whole nother ballgame as far as questions that I'm looking for, if you can give me any information as far as a brackish tank and archers that you know of it it would help out immensely. Thank you and keep up the great work I'm in love with your videos and they help me want to continue in the hobby as much as I can.

  3. Man I really want to own clown fish tho I need to know what I need to keep one and maintain a salt water tank I'm very good to take care of freshwater take tho salter is another game

  4. Kaudern's Cardinalfish They like to be schooled and are a nice looking fish.
    I couldn't find anymore updates on this and I can't wait to see what you decide. Saltwater my main passion when it comes to the fish and coral hobby.

  5. With my family we've had a salt tank for over 10 years. Look into a blue green chromis they're a small schooling fish, also try looking into a fire goby and maybe a brown barred goby. I feel the clown fish are an over played character to a salt tank and aren't as unique, but then again your goldfish setup put a whole new perspective on goldfish.



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