I’m cancelled for this? The king of DIY

I'm cancelled for this? The king of DIY

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The king of DIY


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  1. If things get inappropriate make sure that you call the police FBI whatever the case is I heard something went on there don't know the whole story but very important to do so these kind of people do need to be stopped as far as I'm concerned these are just evil people and you could stop them okay

  2. Those things sending inappropriate pictures to your daughter need to be reported to the FBI or the Canadian equivalent. Go MamaMax on 'em!
    Also I don't blame you for snapping. People will always tell you to "ignore the haters" or "don't feed the trolls" but you can only do so for so long before it gets to you and you can't help but want to snap back when it gets too much. Do people blame the tiger if they get abused and lash back and kill the abuser? I hope not and if you do please get on a space shuttle and take yourself to a different planet because you don't belong here.

  3. Thanks for always being the truest most transparent aquarium youtuber! Learned a lot and upgraded to a 75 gallon, painted background. Nothing crazy but it keeps me wanting to do more with the aquarium 🤣

  4. I have a really hard time trying to work out why there are so many Trolls out there.
    And I wonder… Is there a HIGH that they get, being this way?
    It's an awful shame theres so much hate out there. And I also wonder.. is it really genuine bonified hate?
    Pure boredom relief?
    Maybe these types are totally unloved.
    So …if you're unloved, go out and hate someone?
    Why not just go out there, reverse it and……love someone instead!

    Great video Joey .. So good in fact, I may watch it over.

  5. Very well said. Been watching your videos for years, learned a lot, modified many ideas and have always looked forward to the next video. Great job Joey!

  6. From what you’ve said on this video and what people have done etc im very surprised you’ve kept your cool this long

    Bunch of immature idiotic jealous arseholes really

    Means your doing something right if it eats away at them so much to resort to that

  7. Just keep doing what you doing which is make awesome aquarium videos. Love watching them. I am a single father of 5 kids and like you I will do what I have to do to make sure my kids are safe. So you shouldn’t have to say sorry to any one who is doing wrong to you. Keep up with the videos.

  8. When anyone exposes them self on the internet there’s bound to be problems there are a lot of not nice people out there. From harmless to perverts to serial killers etc.. Exposing yourself to strangers is not cool. Exposing your family to it is just Reckless and Dangerous. Just my Concern 💪

  9. Imagine being 40 to 50 and jelous of a person who is has more fame then you and having to threat his childrens because you cant support that they are more famos and a better person then you and having to bring there past just because you didnt whant him to be that famous and "think" they dont deserve it.


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