I probably shouldn’t tour these public aquariums anymore…. I want every fish i see… even offering to trade one of my kids for an otter… an OTTER! lol….. (still would if anyone has one…)
Check out my first visit:

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  1. Ah this is a throwback for me! I used to live close to Colorado and I went here multiple times as a little kid! I totally forgot about it until I saw this lol it kinda tripped me out

  2. I went in 2017 and I actually really enjoyed it. It was much slower than what I'm seeing here so I didn't have to deal with a whole bunch if people which was nice.

  3. This is one of the most disturbing video Joey ever posted 😂. He would trade his kid for an otter and the catfish was gonna eat the kids

  4. Oh my god like 5 seconds into the video I was like ‘that aquarium looks familiar…’ haha I’m from Colorado and I love the Denver aquarium (my school actually had our prom there!)

  5. Ripleys aquarium in Toronto Canada has a nice indoor setup and they let you pet the rays(but not the sharks) in their ray bay tank.

    The Toronto zoo has a few nice tanks Too but what I really like is their indoor pond with these massive Siamese catfish

  6. I used to live in Colorado Springs and I've been to that aquarium so many times! I actually had a teacher in high school that kept an adult lion fish in his classroom and after he retired they ended up donating it to the aquarium since no one else really knew how to care for the fish.

  7. HELP! I have 2 female severums both have been laying eggs on one rock and of course they fight over it. In the past theyve worked it out. Now one (orange) wont let the other (green) near the rock and has started ramming the other. The green one's belly is now bloated, lighter in color, listless, kind of leans against something near the bottom…. what can I do??


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