I waited 18 YEARS to buy this fish!! – The king of DIY AQUARIUM GALLERY

I waited 18 YEARS to buy this fish!! - The king of DIY AQUARIUM GALLERY

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  1. I'm so excited to see those oscars in the tank you're going to make! I had an oscar for a number of years, and really loved it. They are amazing fish! Unfortunately, I don't have the space now, but it's cool to watch other people's videos and see their awesome big tanks.

  2. How about splitting the plexiglass vertically the long side in the air in the smaller side towards the wall kind of like a hexagon fronts with a quarter tank back in Then you can put your Styrofoam stuff on each side on the front On the side of the plexiglass

  3. wow….. truly speaking I cant wait to see this tank. It will be awesome . I love the wild type Oscars most. Cant wait to see them in ur tank .. awesome video as usual 🙂 🙂

  4. I just love seeing you so excited!! Also Suuuuuper excited for the corner tank since I got one of my own, of course just a fraction of what you're gonna do. But everybody always said not to do corner tanks cause they aren't as stabble apparently and nobody wanted to build one so I buit it myself 🙃 I've had no problems with it so far and it's been about two years

  5. Oscars are amazing because of their individual personalities. Grew up with tigers, red bellies and albinos. Too bad they're susceptible to hole in the head disease. 🙁


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