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  1. In terms of South America. Uaru are like the blandest fish you could pick. I would do puffers or lungfish. Something that looks much weirder but has a great personalty. You could’ve also done pacu or piranha. Idk i just dont like uaru, the just dont have the colours i like.

  2. Wow … your tanks are awesome… and I love the fact you are trying to make natural habitat tanks for different regions. Love your Videos… very helpful as I am new to the hobby.

  3. I think some red moss would look great in that new tank, I don't know what varieties will be hardy enough, but the dark red would match the browns of the leaf litter on the bottom when you add them!

  4. the day after i watched the uaru video a week a go i went to my lfs and they had them. I had worked there for a year and they never had them. I took it as a sign. I went from changing water every month to changing it every 3 days.

  5. IDK how well these will fair, but have you thought of including floating plants to the discus/uaru tank, like amazon frogbit?
    Increase shade – and give a nice dappled effect – and also great easy to care for plants… And since they not in the water column, its less likely that they will be destroyed?

  6. I like the female rainbows colourwise better than the males but I really like how the all follow you. I really like the platinum angels and how shiny they are in the light. I love Frank the Flowerhorn. The shell dwellers are awesome. I don't care much for the Wahru (sp?) as they are dull but adding the tetras was a good idea and now you should add something with some colour. The sting rays and this Arowana are really cool. I also really like the clowns and friends. You should bring the goldfish back. Oh and the red…? forget are ok too

  7. Still fairly new to the hobby. Very much enjoy it. I recently built my very first 10g diy sump system for a 65g community tank. Includes a 5g fry tank and aquaponics.
    A lot of your videos have helped, and inspired me to do this project. I'd like to say that my first of two batches of fry are happy and healthy. Will strip the other female in a week or so.
    Really enjoy your videos.

  8. Have you thought about having a ram tank? I’ve always wanted to keep them but every time i do something always happens where i loose them. It would be interesting to see your tips on keeping them and would help me out on caring for them.

  9. I would suggest some Plecos and (or) Ancistrus, maybe I'm wrong but I think that non of your aquariums have Placos or Ancistrus. Maybe you can add some in your Angel and Discus aquarium too.

  10. Very nice choice, i myself like the emperor tetra and just for all you out there people will improperly label adolescent emperors. Mixing them with a half breed hockey stick or black line tetra which looks much worse once it reaches adulthood. Just a friendly aquarium keepers wisdom on those fish.



Frank gets a friend!!