I started to set the 2,000G aquarium up!

I started to set the 2,000G aquarium up!

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  1. Giant Amazon fish would be cool, especially if you could give a bigger home to fish that have gotten too big for their current owners. Red-tailed cats, stingrays, arowana, pacu, Oscar, plecos etc.

  2. Hm I have to admit I'm really not a fan of the tall straight logs. Mostly the ones in front of the stump. I feel like they take away from the impact it has. I'd also suggest getting a couple bags of darker, courser sand and maybe some pea pebbles to mix into what you have. Just to give it a more natural look.
    As for stocking, I'd get a couple hundred of your favorite tetras (as in a few schools in the hundreds) and a bunch of archer fish. Gotta make sure you have some rummynose though. It'll look amazing.

  3. For stocking… Tons of nano fish, plus a good sized herd of Long Finned Diamond Tetras. You could have 5-6 different colors/varieties of nano fish schooling around, plus something bigger, flashier, and non-predatory, such as the diamond tetras.

  4. A tiger barb community would look awesome, with a few red tailed shark or rainbow shark. They would feast like madfish. Also maybe its time for some piranhas. They would look amazing in there and grow huge. Feed them feeder goldfish you can breed in another tank. I know you don't like feeding fish to other fish but its part of life and the learning experience would be cool. GL


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