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Rescuing this fish was a tough decision. Rays in general need massive tanks, huge water changes and a LOT of food…. It will cost me thousands of dollars over the next 25+ years to care for this ray properly…. Is it worth it though? Absolutely.

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  1. How can I keep my water clean like yours ? I have 2 canisters SunSun 204A. 450 litres (125gallons) of water . I have 2 stingray 1 arowana 2 small bella shark fish. I feed them twice shrimps. Water change 30% twice a week.

  2. I know its probably really late…but big thumbs up for Jeff …he has a good heart for making sure the fish gets a proper home no matter what it costs …and also thank you Joey for taking him in…he is a beautiful ray and if i could i would have a few myself.

  3. I just got back from watching a video of a guy putting a fish in an inflatable pool and putting fucken twigs in it, and I gotta say ur a one of the best fish youtubers out there

  4. I live in Dartmouth, a few minutes from 1 Fish 2 Fish. I used to be into fish keeping when I was younger, grew up and life happened. I used to love watching and helping my dad with all of his fish tanks, falling asleep calmly while watching the personal tanks in my room. I now have a daughter and wanted to get back into fish keeping, even though my husband hates that idea… But I've never trusted pet stores for the quality of their fish and can't find local breeders through Kijiji that have something I'm interested in. To be honest we've moved recently and I don't want to spend money my husband works hard for on something he considers "stupid." So, I don't have much to afford the aquarium size I want, nor the setup. But I have traded in my Exo Terra for a 30 Gallon! It's just sitting there, not sure what I want to put in it yet because everything I really want requires a larger tank. But watching this video and listening to you say how he let you have the stingray for free, really lets me know that this place can be trusted because they obviously care about what they have in the store. I'm going to go take a look in store when I can, I'm so excited!



FINALLY! I set up the saltwater aquarium!!