I NEVER thought this would happen! Now I want a REEF AQUARIUM!


The dark side is slowly dragging me in…I NEVER thought this would happen. Not only speaking at a REEF aquarium event… but now WANTING my own REEF aquarium!
I filmed a LOT while at reefstock this year. While editing, I decided to capture the excitement and general overview of the event. If you guys want to see more of the coral and booths, let me know! I’ll edit an extended version together and post it to Facebook here:

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  1. Reef tanks are awesome, you should totally start one! I was 100% Planted, then eventually had a fresh and a salty and finally im converted to all salt water.. you would love it!

  2. Joey, the darkside will consume you for some time and you will return! I currently have a 5 years old 72 gallon fully stocked with reef and fish. Looking to getting back into exotic freshwater (asian aro, frt, rays, etc). Nothing like having monster exotic fish.

    BTW, my 72 gallon reef is for sale 🙂

  3. It drug me in a while ago. I am like you I have had Arrows and stingrays and Flowerhorns, Almost every freshwater fish you could have. Honestly I was getting bored with it. Once I started researching Reef's and everything about them for 1.5 years before I mixed my first batch of salt I was hooked and now It is Reef tanks for me always.

  4. Hey Joey, I loved the video! I was wondering if I could chat to you about something personally? I get that you're busy but I'd love to spend a minute of your time just to ask you a few things! Keep up the great videos!!

  5. look i wouldnt get a reed aquariumn i thought they were waaaay easy and im 12 the purple aglae wont stop growning, the tank was $200 cheapest and one of my fish died the levels change rapidly and i spend $20 a week on water for changing im now selling the tank 🙁

  6. Joe I need your help (or any other viewers). I'm setting up a 29 gallon freshwater aquarium for a Convict African cichlid. He is full size and about 2 years old (roughly about 4.5"-5" long). I want to do a sand substrate with black sides and background on the tank itself. How else should I scape the tank for this beautiful fish since he will be all alone in this aquarium. Oh and I want to put an air pump in the tank, any recommendation for using an air pump with air stone in sand substrate. Thanks.

  7. The king of DIY Joey i know this alot to ask… But i really need you to stop by and say hi on a friends live stream (steenfott Aquatics) He has 6 K + subs and we were talking about you and how you kind of dont collabe with others becasue its probobly stressfull for you. I get that but just say Hi in the chat and leave…. please i know this is really a lot to ask but we all love you and admire you…. The livestream is Monday 7 pm pacific time… On Steenfott Aquatics channel…. please reply with an answer..



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