I MOVED MY FISH!! – Arowana gets moved

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In today’s video, i show you how i moved my Arowana to the 375 gallon aquarium to be with his new tank mates!

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  1. May I ASK? Where on God's earth did you get an Asian arow???? I thought they were….shhhhh illegal?? Unless your from hmm shhh Canada?? I would get one, immediztley!!!!

  2. Hey Joe, I am a subscriber and purchased the book. I am looking to do a dual stack 75 gallon with discus in one tank and a baby Arowana in the other. I am wondering can the water be the same parameters. Would make filtration easier for the setup. I will be going much bigger on my bday.

  3. Question: why do so many of these 75+ gallon tanks with huge fish in them have little to no ground cover/scenery/plants/etc.? I mean, given the huge filtration and water treatment these tanks must require, it seems to me like they'd benefit from them more than any other tank.

  4. Poor fish I hate moving my fish. Because when I clean the tank they are very interested in the siphon and want to swim up it so I have to remove them. But this week I’m moving so I’m so scared do you have any tips. And can you do a video on how to move fish in a car.

  5. pls use a big plastic to move arwana, use doble or triplle plastic , if u use thats things, u can make ur arwana get hurt, broken tail, and maybe can death



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