I made a BIG mistake!


Sometimes things don’t go according to plan when it comes to stocking your aquarium, even when it should. I mentioned there seemed to be no light at the end of the tunnel… but maybe there is… Wait for it.

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  1. i have sooo much problem whit my new fish. comportements,, they look NEVER HAPPY but i thinkk maybe i have an IDIOT dominant tinfoil barb lol,,,, he EAT rock gravel, and dont spit back,,,,
    ,, and become sick , and constipate. and all other barb in the school are crazy because of him… i have figured out so many time it was a bad quality water but,,, its a damn 0 amonia, 0 nitrate , ph 7.6 , temperature 25 ,26 ,,, i dont know what i can do,,,, i JUST NEED to stop looking at them and wait,, sometime u need to STOP create variation and wait few days

  2. I have one large silver Arowana fish. I moved it from a community tank to his own tank because of his size. Now after the move his now longer eating. What is the problem, or what is going on ?

  3. I belive that the Arowana only wanted to be alone. You should of maybe stuck a tank mate like him on there instead of a bunch of other fish he has never seen before. Also it seems to me that after medicating any fish and having them in isolation for awhile and then putting them in a new environment isn't always good. My fish after medicating always seem to be more aggressive afterwards. I don't understand it.

  4. My opinion, I think he is happy alone. Not all fish need companions. If I was to do a champion why not a female. Will, they still be aggressive. Because he is such a big fish. Been alone may be the issue is being by himself and not sharing, settled in old ways. I think those other fish jumped him right off. Just my thoughts

  5. What you forgot to look at was personality. You put two species of aggressive fish together….honestly what were you thinking? To make matters worse one is territorial and the others are a school of fish.

  6. The mistake was the arowana is a slow eater and the other fish were agrasive to eat the food so the arowana didn't got the time to eat and he didn't like the other fish meats with him as he had lived with you for soo many years and he was single with no friend so he got the place leatlebeet anoid



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