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This aquarium fish either loves me or hates me…

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  1. On aquascaping: I am VERY slow when setting up a tank. I put it in place and leave it dry and empty for two weeks to see if I'm happy with the location. Do I spend a lot of time in that room to enjoy it? Has it got power accessible for all the hardware? How far away is the sink and is there space for my water changing kit, plus me to work? Is it in the way for anything? Do the lights glare in my eyes or disrupt anything in the room?

    During that time, I keep in mind what angles I'm viewing the tank from and considering my available scaping materials. Then I scape the tank dry, and leave it that way for a week or two. That lets me fiddle with things to get them just right, and let me know where I want to see plants/corals. This can take me up to six weeks, but normally only two or three. Then it gets filled with water, and cycling begins. I always put plants/corals in first, and adjust their locations based on how I expect they'll grow in and how I want them to look. Then, sometime between three and four months after the tank first came into the house, it's time for fish.

  2. I would like to see a DIY video on how you run the plumbing through a wall in to like a closet or nuther room and how you use the free space under your tank after you move the filtration and sump Through the wall to the next room being I'm looking to do that my self in the near future will a home made stand and buy a 800 gal tank it going to sit on the semint floor in the living room carpet will be made around it when done was a contractor for years now I just drive truck day cabes but iv had tanks in the house my hole life and now that I have my own place I want to go big my 135 I have now will be what I'm putting in the 800 just macking my already existing reef tank even bigger have uther plans for the 135 later on done the road ho do you vent out your sump room so Moisture dasnt build up in a enclosed space and ruin the walls?

  3. you should put him in a 6 foot tank (125, 150, 180) it will help with the full growth of the fish. The fish hunts clinging like batman… buy some damsels and put them in the tank and watch the predatorial come out in the fish. the hunting is awesome to watch and the are very patient fish, when it come to hunting… Great Job Joey, Keep it up!

  4. With this level of content output, you should back up video files offsite to avoid crazy disasters, like flooding. Super easy to give a buddy a copy of video archives on a hard drive that they keep in the basement. Keep up the awesome videos!

  5. I am very picky about my tank scapes. I will plan and then change the plan and not stop until I decide i like it. Once i decide i like it i do not ever change it.


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