I LOVE THIS AQUARIUM!! mixed african cichlid fish tank scape

I LOVE THIS AQUARIUM!! mixed african cichlid fish tank scape

I had 12 hours to set this tank up from scratch, cycle it, scape it for 3 species of new fish requiring 3 different scapes… with nothing but what i had on hand. Also… sleep.

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  1. Quick Question regarding my Cichlid. Recently, I introduced a few new fish to my small 30 gal. tank. Now my Eureka Red Peacock Cichlid is twitching 😐 … Not exactly sure what to do. I've done multiple water changes on the tank to maintain optimal water quality. Is there a parasite in the tank? Is twitching a problem or something they do when maturing? Thanks in advance!!

  2. Always love watching your content, inspires me to just get started and do whatever I really want to do. Can’t wait to get some fish once I have my own house!!

  3. This video just gave me your attention Followd the channel since.. not sure.. I think you buildt a livingroomaquariumtable 🙂 Ive been aquariumist since -10 Round1 and now Im starting Round2 but you know 🙂 The tank has been standby now 3 years now Still waterchanges every second week Regards from Norway

  4. Hi Joe I'm new to this I'm a fellow Canadian from Ontario living in Durham England. I have learned a lot from you over the last few weeks thank you very much for that . I have a 125L aquarium and I'm putting some Angel's in there what size fluval or anything as good but cheap ish , can I I use as the filter built in is a bit poopy pants lol also what kind of dirt can I use for the plants ? Thank you so much for your time and effort

  5. Hi Joey!

    I have a 5.5 gallon tank with a betta. I have been using a hang on the back filter but the current is too strong for him and I want to switch to a sponge filter. I only have the one tank and I was wondering what is the best way to switch the filter without stressing out the fish?

  6. Hey Joey, I've been watching your channel for a few years now, was just wondering if you still have your saltwater tank and if you do, could you do an update 👍

  7. Your back in the game Joey! You were going pretty slow and seemed kinda detached for a few months, glad to see you're having fun and doing some new things. The last few videos have been great, I can't wait to see more!


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