This happened last night. I look in my aquarium, and a stingray is missing. Literally no where to be seen. Not hiding either… heres what happened.

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  1. This happened to me when I got my first batch of 7 kuhli loaches. The next day after putting them in my tank I did heavy tank maintenance because I fouled the water (Was inexperienced with blood worms at the time) and did a THOROUGH headcount. Only 6. A month later I found a strip of kuhli loach jerky in my closet

  2. We had a pleco and it just was gone. We were moving a week later so after looking for it I gave up. When we moved we still couldn't find him. So I have no idea what happened

  3. Had a rope fish get out of my tank from a small gap in the plastic that I didn’t notice a week of looking I find it under my couch with is about 12 feet away from my tank what surprised me the most is how my dog didn’t notice it

  4. i had a corydoras catfish and while clean a decoration, i left it out. three hours later i noticed he was gone i then realized he was in the driftwood. surprisingly he was alive. i still have him today

  5. Thought my red tailed cat ate my 16” fire eel… sold all my monster fish and turned my 180 to a full blown community tank with all new decor, a month later i put back some large pieces of driftwood i thought would look nice with my new fish and the next morning my fire eel showed up… lol could yall imagine how i felt when i seen a 16” fire eel swimming with all my baby clowloaches and school of roseline sharks!! 🤯🤯🤯

  6. I had a clownfish. It disappeared. Literally couldn’t find it, I turned up the sand, took out the rocks, and even checked the filter. It was gone☹️🤯


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