I let my son name my fish!

I let my son name my fish!

Today my own son names my aquarium fish

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  1. Darius you are a riot…I love it, lol. Hello Tyrese, nice to meet you. Joey, bitten by the saltwater bug (again). That is the nature of the hobby, our interests span from one type tank through the gamut & back, sometimes taking a break. I love the ylw tang school. Maybe a bunch of blue damsels to contrast with the yellow. I happen to love damsels-color varieties, hardiness & longevity. Long-nosed hawkfish, 6-lined wrasse, Nemo pair, midas blenny are some of my cool favorites. I also love underwater gardens with live rock, mushrooms, pulsing xenia, hammer, frogspawn, and though toxic (I'm very careful…gloves always involved), giant palythoa & zoas. I love a group of sexy shrimp but find they like to eat zoas, etc. This comes from spying on them to find the culprits (one taught the others). These are just some ideas based on my favorites for your pending saltwater tanks.
    P.S. I don't think Darius needs much training because he is a natural. <•))))~{


Hydroponic Peppers

Hydroponic Peppers

Early June Report - Lots of Fish!

Early June Report – Lots of Fish!