I HAD TO rehome an asian arowana – The king of DIY

I HAD TO rehome an asian arowana - The king of DIY

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  1. To think that I have been with you since 2016, and it was NOT fish that brought me to your channel! I don't even own fish. Your builds brought me here. You and the fish kept me here. When I found you, I was looking for ideas for my iguana enclosure build. Thanks to you, I heard a lot about water filtration from you, and it has helped in her water feature upkeep. Thank you!

  2. Joey, love your vids and your complete honesty and transparency with everything. Although mistakes do happen, you rarely see anyone making vids of them for others to help learn from. Just an idea for a future vid is maybe try and get with your friends that have helped you rehome some of your fish and do a special update on how they are all doing.

  3. I can totally understand why people want to keep these big fish. And it's very satisfying to raise them to a certain size. But honestly, I think it's almost always a bad idea. Chances are most keepers will run out of space at some time, even if they don't foresee it. If anybody really wants to keep them, check with some rehoming organization first, before buying from breeders or, worse, pet shops.

  4. I’ve been watching you’d vids for some time Joey, and tbh the most inspiring thing I’ve heard you say is how you’d trade everything to just go back in time and have buddy. Breaks my heart to hear u talk about buddy bro.

  5. Thank you for this video. I had a 100gal mature community tank. One night the heater malfunctioned and cooked all my fish while I was asleep. I was devastated. But I started over and now the 100gal has S.A. cichlids, and I have a 60gal African cichlid tank and a 60gal community tank. We're talking about trying our hand at a salt water tank next.

  6. You dont treat them well. Just like asian arowana, the way you move them to another tank is awful. You need to acclimate them if you put them to new tank or new water but You're not doing that. You just take them and then put them into new tank. All fish need to be acclimate in new water, new tank. Put them in plastic first, with their old water from their old tank. Then you put them with the plastic in the new tank for 15 minutes, then put in water from the new tank into the plastik, lets stand for another 15 or 10 minutes. And then you can put it in a new tank

  7. so basically this is a long 15 minute video on how you don't keep asian arowana bcuz of the original 5 you've had you managed to let 3 of them die and gave 1 away. real responsible fish keeping there ya dunce.

  8. Can’t believe it’s been 6 years! I remember when you got him! Then again I’ve been following you for almost 10. But I’m glad you posted this, it goes to show that even extreme knowledgeable hobbyist as yourself have things like this happen. And these things happen ALL THE TIME! It’s not easy! Can’t wait to see what you do this year! Maybe a special 3 year anniversary fish next month?! 🤔

  9. Aye bro, so i have them white worms in my tank and I read that people use dog dewormer stuff and I don't know how safe that is for my fish. What product is there that is safe for the fish but will kill them damn worms and or if that dog dewormer is safe for my fish?

  10. Joey, have you ever kept the jaguar cichlids? Would love to see a giant tank of those. I had some years ago but I can’t find them locally now. They have big personalities.


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