I had to move this fish

One of the large aquariums had a specific fish that had to be moved or he would have ate the new fish!

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  1. I'm sure you have a reason why you keep the Bishear but he seems to always be in the way even though he's never seen. Wouldn't it make things easier for you and better for him to rehome him?

  2. Hey Joey how do you get your drift wood to sink? Any hints would be greatly appreciated as I can't get mine to sink even after 3 months & I tried boiling it with no success..

  3. 7:15 you can see the divider is back up between Frank and Francine. I don't know anything about flowerhorn behavior with breeding. But i would assume that Francine layed eggs and is guarding them and Frank had to be separated so he doesn't eat them.

  4. maybe because you werent moving around a lot… but

    the sound quality of this video was much more stable and even that recent videos. I think since you went "daily" the sound fluctuates between too loud and too quiet.

  5. joey I need to help! im having and always have had issues keeping clown loach. is there a golden rule? I have restocked my tank and had around 8 and now down to 2. 3 dies from skinny disease (which I think they may have come with or stress of tank move gave similar syptoms). ive just lost another with no obvious reasons why, water was a little high on nitrate and I know these little dudes are not the biggest fan. I feed 3 times a day as they are only 18 months old so about 2-3 inches in lengh. kept in a 300 litre tank with some tetras. I feed a mix of flake, brine shrimp, blood worms and come cucumber once a week. I don't want to pass on keeping clowns as its one of the reasons I got into the hobby but if I cant keep the next batch alive then I may as well look at some bullet proof fish. p.s. there have been no tank deaths for over 8 months but I have left water change for about 3 weeks due to life and nitrates got to about 100ppm (I know not good for clowns). the dead guy was showing some sign of redness around the gills and his spines seem to be out so some sort of stress involved.


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