I couldn’t save him…

I’m sorry.

What happened:
What happened next:

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  1. The exact thing happened to my arowana, and he also was not able to stay upright. I'm not sure how long he was out of the tank for since we were still sleeping but we were able to keep him alive for an hour or so only for him to suddenly die. He was with us for I'd say 3+ years. Just the day before, my brother was bragging saying to everyone at our family gathering that he was so cool and will continue to stay with us till the end, so seeing him go was really upsetting.

  2. its sad… i tried to save my molly also she is always sick.. she always survive.. molly is small but she is my first fish.. hope she lives long..

    ur fishes loves u so much

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. Right now I’m currently freaking out about my flowerhorn, he caught the Ich. He’s extremely lethargic and dark. I’ve put him on treatment: maintained water, clean quarantine tank, heater, medicine, and epsom salt. He doesn’t seem to get better. I hope he makes it. 🙁

  4. Your compassion for the fish makes you seem a lot like myself. I know your feeling and I truely feel so sorry for you losing this fish.

  5. Three years later and I still feel this same pain for my very first Leopard Danio. It was the first fish that died in my care and it felt like I killed a family member. A helpless family member that I was entrusted with and I did something wrong.

    He wasn't the only one I lost over my first year with my 55 gallon but that first one hit so hard that I almost quit. It was my other Danios that kept me in it. They played together every morning after they ate and it gave me confidence that I could learn from my mistakes and give them a good life.

    I'm sorry you lost buddy. He was a beautiful fish. I just watched your story about your life and it made me even more happy to see you doing what you love even when facing the loss of your friends. Thank you for the work and love that goes into your videos and your channel.

  6. This is just heartbreaking.. People will never understand the connection you develop with your pet
    I've been in fhe hobby for a month now & I'm in love with my fishes 😍

  7. I just joined and have been binge watching your channel and this episode got me. I know exactly what you feel. I make strong connections with each of my fish small or large and it's painful to lose one, especially due to an accident. I'm sorry man. I know this happen a long time ago, but I feel like I just lost buddy.

  8. Looks like this video is 3 years old , I just saw all three videos you made for what happened to Buddy . I’m so sorry , it was so heartbreaking to watch your fish struggle and to watch you struggle with what was happening and again I am so sorry for your loss . Clearly you had a deep connection with him and I know he knew you Loved him and you did your best for him .

  9. I mean I definitely feel for you, however it makes me wonder if these fish are better left in the wild? If they jump and hit into the glass or acrylic constantly they seem like they just want out.

  10. New to your channel. Sorry about your arowana. He was beautiful. Losing a loved one is heart breaking. I just lost one of my dogs 3 days ago. Happened to be my youngest one. Its been really hard to cope. But I feel your pain. I called my dog buddy too. Boss buddy. I know I'm few years late. But I feel your pain. Best wishes to you.

  11. I woke up to my fiance watching you this morning. hes been following u for a little while he was shedding a couple of tears with another video about how you became to love fish and about your life before fish and was telling me about this video. I have to say he loves you and even more since watching the video on your life before fish . I have to agree with him your a cool guy who cares a lot I'm sorry you lost your buddy.

  12. This really shows the type of person you are. You did everything you could to save your pet and i applaud your dedication and passion. My heart goes out to you.



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