I CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS! Aquarium disasters

Aquarium and fish disasters are bound to happen. The last few weeks have been pretty rough. With travel, aquarium gallery build…. and now this. Today I share a couple of stories that happened to me in the last few weeks with my aquariums and fish.
If you enjoyed this story, you might like the time I rescued an alligator gar and that went horribly wrong:

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  1. The last 30 days have been crazy.. with all the travel, aquarium gallery build…. and now this. Some good news? This coming Sunday i have a MASSIVE update coming out on the aquarium gallery! (Guess what it could be?)

  2. You: standing in ankle deep water ferociously vacuuming it up.
    Her: Is everything ok?
    You: Everything is fine. Everything is so fine you dont even need to look over here.
    Her:Walks in, walks out.

    This story couldnt be written in a sit com. Great story Joey it was so much fun to listen. Thank you for sharing so much about your hobby, it obviously is a huge passion of yours. Good luck with the floor. Cheers.

  3. I had a channel cat, basically a shark once, grew to 12 inches had weights on the tank because he was a jumper species and 10 pounds of weights wasn't enough he still hit it hard enough to move the lid and received a very nasty mortal injury he died of, that type of fish apparently is very strong for their size. they really need to come with something better so you can secure the hood and lock the lid.

  4. Sounds like she’s a great wife who supports you period. Maybe you should do something extra special for her since you’ve had a lot of issues lately that directly effect her and her space. Just a suggestion 😊

  5. One time when u was setting up my 20 gallon community tank I was putting 5 platys in and the bag they were in spilled on to my floor… luckily they are still alive and healthy.



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