I built him a floating tank

With so many of you concerned about my asian arowana, I wanted to show you what i did for him, and talk about what happened again while clearing up some concerns. Thank you all, for everything you do for us.
I will be going live for an update on the arowana TONIGHT. On both Instagram and Facebook. Im not sure he will make it through the night. I’d like for you guys to be able to see him one last time if he doesn’t.

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  1. The people who "QUESTION YOUR FISH HUSBANDRY" she be ashamed of themselves. They should put a few brain cells to work and think about what they're saying. He's not just a fish, he's a friend, buddy, member of the family… He can't possibly have wished for a better owner, friend, buddy and member of the family. We only have to listen to your heart broken voice to know how much this has truly hurt you… Come on guy's give him a break and give some we'll earned respect.

  2. I know this was a while ago.
    Im new to this.
    My condolences to you.
    Iv got a 9 year old Oscar named Winchester.
    So….he is not just a fish, he has love from you going to him.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know this is an old video so you might not see this but I get how you feel. I've been keeping fish for a few months now – so really new to it – got a rainbow shark for my community tank for my birthdy last week. 2 days later he got nicked on something and now has a bacterial infection. First time I've had a fish get sick. Keep checking on him same as you. I get how you feel and I've only had this fish like 10 days. Catching up on the videos now so I don't actually know if he makes it yet fingers crossed

  4. I don't know if this is the samething, but wham I dove saltwater tropical fish, we had to pop the air bladders.
    Coming up from 60ft they all floated belly up. We would take a hypodermic needle and stick it in their butt until the air was released. Belly uo made them easy to grab out of the barrel, to pop and cup.
    If your fish has a air bladder problem, it could be as easy as a good pop. None of our fish had any ill effects from this treatment, and all were in good condition after the pop.

  5. So from the facts I'm hearing is arowanas don't belong in a fish tank? but would be nice in an open deep pond?? If you would want to keep one.

  6. It breaks my heart that you even had to defend yourself when this happened. Im glad you were able to work through this and came out the other side.
    Keep doing what you do. You're an inspiration.

  7. I'm keeping ants and when my colony used to be smaller sized I safed every ant who was in trouble I'd even pick out ants who fell into Sirup or honey washed them off in the sink dried them and put em back in lol

    Edit: Back in the terrarium not the Sirup of course

  8. For future reference, a friend of mine had a large koi, he was doing the same, she removed him from the pond, like mouth to mouth she blew down his mouth aparently to apply further pressure to the swimbladder and get the air to be released, after doing so she placed him in an heated tank, warmer by a few degrees and it corrected itself within an hour or so.

  9. You probably won’t see this but I am new to your YouTube. Your a smart dude you know what your doin 💪 I got into fish tanks not to long ago and just found your YouTube and I love it keep it up bro

  10. If he responded to touch and you were able to give him some solace… in hindsight do you think if you would have held him immediately it may have prevented some injuries? Asking for reference, not judging or criticism. I know how hard it is losing pets. Thanks!




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